Sunday 18 November 2007

Panjabi-Sikh Community Pay Tribute To Sikh War Veterans

West Midlands Panjabi-Sikh Community Pay Tribute To Sikh War Veterans

Sarabha Panjab News

17 November

More than 200,000 Sikh veterans of World War I and II have been officially recognised by members of the Handsworth community at a special event.

The special event was organised by the Sikh Community & Youth Service UK to pay tribute to all the Sikhs involved in World War I and II.

Spokes person for the event said: “The Sikh contribution and involvement in the war is often overlooked. “This event will serve as an important and poignant reminder to today’s generation of the sacrifice our forefathers made while fighting for Britain. The contribution of over 200,000 Sikh Servicemen in World War 1 and 2 and the various other wars that the Sikh servicemen have served in should be covered in the National curriculum to ensure that the younger generations both Sikh and wider communities are aware of the sacrifices made by the Sikh people”

For Peace and Freedom

Today we remember with honour and pride our fallen comrades

From the founding days of the faith, Sikhs have been enjoined by their Gurus to confront social injustice as an integral part of their spiritual expression and advancement.

The reputation of the Sikh soldier as one of the world’s finest has its origins in the creation of the Khalsa in 1699 by Guru Gobind Singh.

Guru Gobind Singh’s dramatic founding of the Khalsa was attended by tens of thousands of Panjabis, and trained warriors who became the brothers and sisters of an unprecedented spiritual people’s army – Akal Purkh Ki Fauj

The original Khalsa initiates were never territorial soldiers or mercenaries; soldiering was part of their spiritual make-up as defenders of religious freedom "for all faiths" What the Guru succeeded in doing was to convert the Sikhs from humble peasantry of the Panjab into some of the greatest and most noble warriors in world history.

I have seen only two races in the
world who really like fighting, the
Sikhs and the Gurkhas. In
peace-time the Sikhs are difficult
men to command : but put them in
a hot corner, and they live up to
their title of Singh, which
means lion. In Mesopotamia in
the last war the Arabs called
them Black Lions. Martial India,
F. Yeats-Brown, 1945.

Sikh Soldier
of the 11th Sikh
Regiment with a
captured Nazi flag in
Italy at the end of the
Second World War

Sikhs in the trenches of
Gallipoli in 1914. The allies
suffered very high casualties in
this major battle of World War I.
Sikhs in Flander in 1916,
another famous battleground
which inspired the famous poem
'Flanders Fields'.
Authenticated by an Aussie
World War One Veteran

A photograph from October
1914 shows a wounded Sikh
soldier being loaded into an
ambulance in France.

Thursday 30 August 2007

Anti-Panthic Activities

Anti-Panthic Activities Continues in our Gurdwara Sahibs

Sarabha Panjab News

30 August 2007

On the 16th of August 2007 after sustained campaigning by UK Sikh youth, Sri Akal Takht, Amritsar reiterated the Reht Maryada for Anand Karaj ceremonies.
Sri Akaal Takht Sahib is the Throne of the Almighty and the orders issued by it are called Hukamnamas. Hukamnama, literally means "Royal Order."

Participation of someone previously of a religion other than Sikhism in an Anand Karaj ceremony.

The existing Code of conduct regarding persons of other religions participating in an Anand Karaj ceremony is as follows:-
k. Persons professing faiths other than the Sikh faith cannot be joined in wedlock by the Anand Karaj ceremony.

Dispite this many Gurudwara Comittess across the UK are choosing to abuse this Maryada for financial gains.

As of 16th August 2007 new guidelines issues by Sri Akal Takhat

Any persons previously of a religion other than Sikhism must show his/her commitment to the PERSUIT of Sikhi by applying the following criteria:

Include Singh or Kaur in the name - Changing by Deed Poll including Passport & Driving Licence.

On the weekend of 25-26 August 07 Sarabha Panjab learned of at least 4 Gurudwaras where this Hukamana was breached.

Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Cross Road, Coventry
Singh Sabha, Hounslow
Gurdwara Leicester
Gurdwara Glasgow

Gurudwara Committee Cover-Ups!

Sarabha Panjab first exposed some of the devious and corrupt people that run our Gurdwaras in June 2007, when Ramgarhia Gurdwara, Graham Street, Birmingham orchestrated an anand Karaj ceremony involving a Muslim boy.
The Committee tried to cover this up with lies, one of which included “The young man can not change his name to Singh because of his past”.

Sarabha Panjab can now confirm that the Sikh girl who married this boy has now converted to Islam. The boy had no intention of adopting Sikhism, it was a total cover-up by the Gurdwara Committee.

Sikh youth are sick and tired of corrupt Committee members making their own rules and abusing the Sikh Maryada.

Similarly, last weekend, Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Coventry conducted an Anand Karaj ceremony for a Christian boy. Again saying he cannot change his name for whatever reason – NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

People plan months, sometimes years in advance for their wedding. “Not having time to change name to Singh” – This is no excuse!
It is about time Sikh Sangat stand up and question these so called leaders into their actions.

Note: There are some devious members of a particular committee who are trying to turn this debate into personal feuds and anti-Jathabandi.
We make it clear; this issue is NOT against any Jatha, group or individuals. This campaign is solely for the preservation of Akal Takhat Maryada, Sikh ethics and Gurudwara code of conduct.

Copy of Akal Takhat Realease - Click to Enlarge


Ik Ongkar Sri Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Sri Amritsar

Giani Joginder Singh, Jethadar

Date: 16-8-2007

Anand Sanskar"Marriage Ceremony"

This is a message to all the Sikh Sangat that according to the Rehat Maryada only Sikh couples (male/female) can engage in the Anand Karaj Ceremony. If the couple or either one of them is not a Sikh, then they must embrace the Sikh faith.
This includes that they must change their second name to Singh or Kaur in their official document (e.g. driving licence, identity card, passport) before the marriage.

(Joginder Singh)Jathedar



Thursday 23 August 2007

Aggressive Conversions documentary

BBC "Asian" Network Documentary claims that aggressive conversions to Radical-Islam by Extremists does no occur in UK

Sarabha Panjab News

23 August 2007

If the idiots from BBC “Asian” network spent taxpayer’s money researching the topic in a little more detail, they would realise why the Sikh community have reason for concern.

Student was shot by 'Muslim Boys' gang (From 2006)

THE grief-stricken mum of a murdered student has told for the first time how gangsters executed him for refusing to convert to Islam.

Heartbroken Ruth Marriott revealed how adoring son Adrian was given the chilling ultimatum, "convert or die" days before he was blasted five times in the head.

Detectives have vowed to hunt down the brutal killers of Adrian Marriott this week after a coroner sensationally ruled the student WAS murdered.

An inquest heard this week how gun gangsters The Muslim Boys blasted Adrian five times at close range just weeks before his 21st birthday.Three members of the mob - whose sickening attempts to hijack Islam for criminal purposes have incensed law-abiding Muslims - were accused of plotting the murder after trying to convert Adrian, a member of the rival Peel Den Crew.

The BBC Asian network also claims that there are no links between aggressive conversions and terrorism.

The "Muslim Boys" gang are generally Radical Islamic converts and are known for forcing youths into conversion.

Quote from:

Similarities have been drawn between its members and shoebomber Richard Reid, who was born in Bromley.Reid was a black Muslim convert who was involved in criminal activity before he became an extremist Muslim and tried to blow up an American passenger jet in 2001.”

Saturday 11 August 2007

Exposed!! Racially-Motivated Sexual Exploitation

Pakistani Pervert Gangs Groom White Girls for Sex

Britian waking up to Pakistani Sex Rackets?
About Time Sikh Victims Speak out?

Sarabha Panjab News

11 August 2007

A hidden world in which Pakistani Muslim men “groom” young white girls for sex has been exposed with the jailing yesterday of two men for child-abuse offences.

Zulfqar Hussain, 46, and Qaiser Naveed, 32, from east Lancashire, were each jailed for five years and eight months after exploiting two girls aged under 16 by plying them with alcohol and drugs before having sex with them.

Both men pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to abduction, sexual activity with a child and the supply of a controlled drug.

Despite being told explicitly by police and social services that both girls were under-age and should be returned to care, the men picked up one girl from a children’s home in Blackburn and then drove on to collect her friend who was living in temporary foster care in North Wales.

Naveed, from Burnley, gave one girl the first of five Ecstasy tablets at a motorway service station before having sex with her on the back seat of the car while the group drove back to Lancashire. The court was told that the two men later took the girls to an address in Blackburn where Hussain, from Blackburn, had sex with the second girl and gave her a total of ten Ecstasy tablets.

Yesterday Judge Andrew Gilbart, QC, jailed the two Pakistani men under new sex laws designed to protect youngsters from being groomed for sexual activity. Judge Gilbart said: “This is a truly shocking offence. You knew them. They were exploited for sex by the two of you. No other description is possible. They were under-age girls who you knew it was your responsibility to protect and not exploit.”

The trial came amid growing concern at the attitudes of some Pakistani men towards white girls which campaigners for women claim few people wish to address.

Parents have complained that in parts of the country with large Pakistani communities white girls as young as 12 are being targeted for sex by older Pakistani men yet the authorities are unwilling to act because of fears of being labelled racist.

Ann Cryer, a Labour member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, has been at the forefront of attempting to tackle the problem after receiving complaints from mothers in her constituency about young Pakistani men targeting their under-age daughters.

Although campaigners claim that hundreds of young girls are already being passed around men within the Pakistani community for sex, she said that attempts to raise the problem with community leaders had met with little success, with most of them being in a state of denial about it.

After the case, the mother of one of the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, welcomed the jail terms. “This will hopefully act as a warning to others,” the woman said. She had had to leave the court as details of the men’s sexual relations with the teenagers were read out. After the trial, Ms Cryer said that young Pakistani men were caught between two cultures having been brought up in a Western society in families while retaining the cultural values of the Asian sub-continent.

She said: “The family and cultural norms of their community means they are expected to marry a first cousin or other relative back in a village in Mirapur or wherever the family comes from. Therefore, until that marriage is arranged they look out for sex.

“At the point in their lives when they are ready for this sort of activity, Muslims cannot go to Muslim girls because it would be a terrible breach of the honour of the community and their family to have sex with an Muslim girl before marriage.” She said that the reason Muslim men targeted very young white girls was because older white girls knew that a relationship with an Muslim youth was unlikely to last as the community would seek an arranged marriage with someone from the Asian sub- continent. Police and groups campaigning to protect women insisted that the grooming of youngsters is not segregated along race lines, though there is concern at the attitudes of some young Pakistani Muslim men towards white girls.

Parents claim that criminal networks are able to prey on young girls because the authorities are reluctant to tackle the issue for fear of upsetting race relations in areas of the North West with large ethnic minority communities.

Affected by issues raised? Victim? Know a Victim? Seek Help/Advice?

Contact in Confidence:

Sarabha Panjab News


Tuesday 17 July 2007

Wake-up Video

British Panjabi Sikh Youth
Wake-up Call!

About time we woke up?

Material and Inspiration from Jakara Movement.

Tuesday 10 July 2007

Anti-Panthic Activities at Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick


Anti-Panthic activities by Leamington Gurdwara Committee

10 July 2007

Over the last few years the Sikh youth have raised their concerns over the conduct of Sikh ethics by some Gurdwara Sahibs committees in the UK.
One issue that is particularly alarming is the increasing number of non-Sikhs participating the holy Anand Karaj ceremony.


Sikh Reht Maryada


Anand Sanskar : (Sikh Matrimonial Ceremony and Conventions)

b. A Sikh's daughter must be married to a Sikh.
k. Persons professing faiths other than the Sikh faith cannot be joined in wedlock by the Anand Karaj ceremony.

Wedding Blessings

Some feel that this is an extreme step and Sikhi should be accessible to all, regardless of faith.

The Gurdwara Sahib is open to all, regardless of race of religion; it is what makes Sikhi so universal. However one must abide by the regulations for the acceptable conduct of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The Anand Karaj Ceremony is made for devotees of the Panth. Those non-Sikhs who wish for Guru Ji’s blessing for marriage or anything else are always welcome to Gurdwara Sahib for Prayers, Paat and Ardas.

Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick

Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick will be hosting a Sri Anand Karaj ceremony on Sunday 29th July 2007.

S Kaur will wed Viresh Vaja, son of Mr Bhagwanji Vaja and Mrs Vilash Vaja.

Viresh Veja is of Gujarati Hindu background and has confirmed he has no knowledge of Sikhi and does not understand the significance of Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

He has also confirmed he is only participating in the Anand Karaj ceremony on request of the girl’s parents.

Committee’s Ignorance

The Committee booked this Anand Karaj ceremony with total disregard of Gurudwara Code of conduct, and Sikh ethics.

They failed to even register the name of the groom, and were completely ignorant his religious beliefs – a total lack of professionalism.

Once the Sikh youth had raised their concerns, the committee held a meeting with youth representatives on Sun 1st July and had acknowledged their wrongdoings –yet certain members are adamant to go ahead with the ceremony.

Make your views heard, Gurdwara contact details:

Sarabha Panjab News

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Panjabi-Sikh Youth Bodies Meeting

United We Stand!

Sarabha Panjab News

03 July 2007

In a meeting between Panjabi-Sikh youth representatives from various Jathabandhis, Panjabi vigilantes and Religious respect movements, a message of solidarity was portrayed.

Over the last few weeks the Midlands Panjabi-Sikh community have seen evidence of grooming & brainwashing, protests against extremism and the disrespect of the ‘Gurdwara code of conduct’.

Youth groups recognised the need to unite against elements that affect the Chardikala of the Panjabi-Sikh community and the Khalsa Panth.

Police and Media Ignorance

Following the Anti-extremism rally on 9th June where 200 Panjabi-Sikh youth protested against extremism in the UK (please refer to, and the follow-up meeting with Police chiefs (
), a statement from the Police stated, “there is no evidence of forced conversions”.

This statement is ridiculous because the term ‘forced conversion’ (gun to the head type of conversion) was never raised by any Sikh body (only mentioned by Hindu forum of Britain), nor was it mentioned during Rally. The placards during the rally stated “Sikhs will not tolerate extremist behaviour” and “Sikhs against FALSE conversions”. Cleary the police are clueless when it comes to the issues of:

Grooming & Brainwashing
Racially motivated sexual exploitation
Extremist preaching in schools, colleges and Universities

Then they wonder why we have a growing problem with homegrown extremism in the UK.

The same goes for the culturally insensitive BBC-Asian network. Again, failing to recognise, or perhaps conveniently choosing not to recognise the concerns of the Sikh youth.
Ironically the idiots from BBC-Asian network were present at the Rally and had interviewed the protestors and had obtained a copy of the handout. Yet they reported it as a rally against ‘Gun-to-the-Head’ type forced conversions.

Return to Vigilantism?

Believing that the Police are choosing not to take action against extremist preaching and extremist gangs, Panjabi-Sikh youth are calling for a return to vigilantism of the past.

Kaka Gill from the Panjabi Youth movement, “If the police won’t monitor extremist preachers in schools, colleges and universities, then we will”

“If they think its ok for guys in the 30’s to stand outside schools and colleges trying to entice girls with drugs and fancy cars then its up to us to protect our community.”

“There are no laws against grooming, brainwashing, racially motivated sexual exploitation and deception (i.e. wearing a Kara for dishonest means). Does that mean the Panjabi-Sikh community should resign to suffering in silence?”

Non-Sikh Marriages in Gurdwara Sahibs

For the protection of Sikh ethics, the Respectful conduct of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the preservation of the Khalsa Panth in the UK, the issue of Non-Sikh marriages in Gurdwara Sahibs was addressed.

The youth bodies and vigilante groups unanimously agreed that Non-Sikhs by birth should only be allowed to marry in a Gurdwara Sahib if they have accepted Sikhi through the conventional means (Amrit sanchar ceremony).
In a case where the Gurdwara committee feel the marriage has legitimate reasons to go ahead; then a press release should be released prior to the wedding explaining their reasons why, after which a meeting will be held.

Those Gurdwara committees who oppose this will face heavy protests and objections from Sikh youth groups, and the members responsible will be highlighted to the wider Sikh community.

P.Singh Youth representative; “In a court of Law a Bible is presented to a Christian, a Quran to a Muslim on which an oath is sworn, and not vice versa.
A marriage is also an oath, and in the presence of ‘Jaag di Jhot’ Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji only those who have accepted Guru Granth Sahib Ji as their Guru should be taking marriages vows - otherwise it’s a mockery of the system, and disrespect to Guru Sahib”

Referring to The Sikh Reht Maryada in accordance to Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee “Persons professing faiths other than the Sikh faith cannot be joined in wedlock by the Anand Karaj ceremony.”

“We do not oppose interfaith marriages, but we will not tolerate the abuse of the Sikh Gurdwara code of conduct”

Kaka Gill from Punjabi Youth Movement, “we will strongly oppose illegitimate Anand Karaj ceremonies and will commence peaceful protests. We condemn any act of violence and intimidation, but we must bare in mind…. today we see cars being burnt, our history shows Massands burnt!”

Sarabha Panjab News

Thursday 21 June 2007

Police inquiry into aggressive conversions

The Police “3-week” Inquiry into Aggressive Conversions
Sarabha Panjab News
20 June 2007

Concerns of targeted extremist grooming and radicalization of Sikh youth have been raised by the Sikh community since the 1990’s.

The Sikh community recognized back then that the problem of aggressive grooming or radicalization fell into a ‘grey area’ in the law, and some methods of conversion, although aggressive in nature, did not breach any laws.

Methods of conversions that worry the Sikh community:

1. Groomed Aggressive conversions - lawful
2. Aggressive conversions- unlawful

Groomed Aggressive conversion – Lawful Methods

Brainwashing & Grooming: Extremist mind control employs the same tactics and strategies of social influence. They are variants of well-known social psychological principles of compliance, conformity, persuasion, dissonance, reactance, framing, emotional manipulation, and others that are used on all of us daily to entice us to; buy, to try, to donate, to vote, to join, to change, to believe, to love, to hate the enemy.
Extremist mind control is not different in kind from these everyday varieties, but in greater intensity, persistence, duration, and scope. One difference is in its greater efforts to block quitting the group, by imposing high exit costs, replete with induced phobias of harm, failure, and personal isolation.

Many Extremist groups use unethical persuasion tactics in recruiting and retaining converts. These methods can range from Love Bombing* and emotional scare tactics (imposing high exit costs, e.g. convincing a person that leaving the group means losing one's salvation).

*Love Bombing: The practice of some extremist movements to shower new converts or prospects with extra love and attention. Seen by many as an unethical persuasion tactic designed to hinder critical thinking regarding the pros and cons of joining or remaining with the group.

Illicit relationship conversions: The process where young girls are pre-selected on the basis of their religion/beliefs race/ethnicity to initially form seemingly innocent relationships, with the hidden agenda of conversion down the line. This practise is motivated by extremist religious views.

Aggressive conversions – unlawful

As above, but enforced with physical blackmail and/or violence.

Stigma, Victims and the Police

We must understand cultural taboos and the historic significance of these practises, and then one can understand the stigma attached to these acts.

The stigma can be compared to rape victims in the past, where victims were labelled with taboos, such as “she must have asked for it”. After large-scale campaigns in the 1960’s, i.e. “Speak Out on Rape” did victims come forward and peruse prosecution.

Now one looks at victims of extremist preaching and brainwashing in the UK:

Woman in UK 'groomed' as bomber

Richard Reid a victim of extremist preaching

It took years for the government to recognise that we have a problem with extremism in the UK i.e. “These fanatics are looking to groom and brainwash (British) children” - John Reid, the Home Secretary 2006.

Therefore a “3 week police inquiry” into extremist conversions, as reported by the BBC Asian-network is not sufficiant in uncovering such a sensitive and deep-rooted problem.

Cases of blackmail or violence in the past that had been directly or indirectly associated with religious conversions had been reported as just that, blackmail or violence and not ‘forced conversions’.

There are two broad categories when defining victims of extremist conversions;

A) Those that have converted.
B)Those that were pressured but refused.

A) Those that have converted, and are living in the company of extremists are under enormous pressure to continue in that faith;

We had bricks though our windows, I was spat at in the street because they thought I was dishonouring Islam.”

B)Those that did not convert are reluctant to speak out because of cultural stigmas within their community and also they feel nothing will result of it, i.e. lawful aggressive grooming tactics (highlighted above) are not a criminal offence.

Way Forward

Radical preachers who target impressionable Muslim men are encouraging extremism and aggressive conversions.
We urge the police now to research and clamp down on extremist preaching and practises that act to incite aggressive conversions and grooming.

We want unregulated and unauthorised extremist preaching banned in schools, colleges and universities.

A government funded confidential help line for victims of aggressive religious conversions.

BBC Asian Network

We feel the BBC Asian Network telephone call-in that took place on the morning of 20 June 2007 was culturally insensitive, and again tried to sensationalise the problem. Encouraging victims to speak about traumatic experiences live on-air to an unqualified representative, we feel downgraded the seriousness of the problem.
We feel the BBC should have listed a confidential qualified counsellor to its listeners to whom they could contact regarding this highly sensitive issue.

In terms of highlighting concerns of the Sikh youth, the youth rally that took place in Birmingham on 10 June 2007, was against extremist behaviour and aggressive conversions. The placards and handout clearly stated this, Quote:

“Sikh Youth Stand United Against:

Grooming and Brainwashing
Fundamentalists and Extremists
Racially motivated sexual exploitation of young girls

Yet the BBC reported this as a rally against ‘forced conversions’, when in fact the Sikh youth were crying out for a clamp down on extremist preaching and extremist behaviour in schools, colleges and university.

Sarabha Panjab News
In conjunction with Sikh Youth Bodies & Student Bodies

Saturday 16 June 2007

Panjabi Sikh Youth anti-Extremism Rally 9th June 2007


The chants of Panjabi-Sikh youth through the streets of Birmingham

Sarabha Panjab News

15th june 2007

British Panjabi-Sikh youth took to the streets of Birmingham demanding police protection from Islamic extremism.

Protesters chanted and held up placards as they marched from Soho Road, in Handsworth, to West Midlands Police headquarters at Lloyd House.

Their demands - greater police protection from Islamic extremists who targeted Sikh youth at Schools, colleges and Universities and a ban on unregulated and unauthorised preachers that groom and brainwash youth in British institutions.

One protestor present said, “This has been happening for years, groups of men stand outside schools and colleges harassing girls and guys of other faiths”

“We don’t want our schools and colleges turned into extremist religious conversion camps, the police must monitor who is preaching and what they are preaching”

The rally was sparked amongst fears that a young Sikh girl from West Bromwich was actively targeted and "groomed" over a period of 2 yrs and her disappearance was orchestrated and assisted by a gang of extremist men.

Protest Handouts - Click to enlarge

Friday 15 June 2007


Sikh Youth Representatives Meeting with Police Chiefs
14 June 2007

Following the march to Lloyd house on Saturday by some 200 Sikh youth expressing their concerns regarding the targeted grooming of young women by fundamentalists a meeting was held with the police and representatives of the Sikh youth today 11 June 2007 at Lloyd house.

The agenda of this meeting was not about faith, but the implication of mainland British security and activities by fundamentalist within UK schools, colleges and universities.

The issues raised and discussed were:-

  • Explore opportunities for police and the Sikh youth to develop a constructive partnership of working together

  • The "conversion" of a devout Sikh to change from one faith to another warrants further investigation as to the motives and tactics employed in this process. This is especially relevant when one considers that of the four 7/7 bombers and the shoe bomber, 2 were recent converts. And if someone can be groomed to change their faith, they can equally be groomed to carry out an act of violence.

  • There are increasing number of such cases across communities where young people are being targeted at UK colleges and universities

  • The psychological welfare of the girl that promoted this community reaction and further investigation of the individual who is associated with this girl and himself a recent convert from Christanity.

Most importantly, It was also highlighted that should any act of atrocity be carried out as a result of these groomed conversions, then the Police have been alerted to activities in Midland based colleges and universities, as a result of this meeting by the Sikh youth.
The meeting was constructive and taken seriously by the Police with positive steps towards developing a longer term working relationships.

P Singh- Sikh Youth Representative

Wednesday 30 May 2007

1984 Holocaust

Panjabi-Sikh Nation Remembers Victims & Pays homage to Martyrs

30 May 2007
Sarabha Panjab News

3rd June 1984, the Indian Army invaded the most sacred of all Sikh shrines, Sri Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple).

The destruction and loss of life marked the darkest chapter in Sikh history this century. This event marked a critical turning point for all Sikhs around the world as it made them realise that they could not take the existence of their religion for granted.

Sikhs around the world remember it as their very own 9/11, their worst trauma in modern history.

It was an attempt to exterminate so-called “militants”, said the Indian authorities. But the costs were enormous. Thousands of people were killed in and around the temple; many of the dead were innocent bystanders and pilgrims, rather than militants.

For the Panjabi-Sikh Nation it was a heinous defilement of their most sacred site and the slaughter of hundreds of innocent pilgrims.

Sarabha Panjab:

Across Panjab hundreds of Sikhs were murdered in the army operation and 42 other Gurdwara were raided simultaneously as Sri Harmandar Sahib was attacked.

Codenamed ‘Operation Bluestar’ was a premeditated, calculated attempt by the ruling far-right congress government to destroy the soul, spirit and confidence of the Sikh race.

23 years on…The scars still exist.. The pain is still raw…

But the spirit of the Khalsa remains unhindered.

25 million Sikhs around the world, millions of Ardas daily, as we remember those brave men and women who stood against tyranny and died for freedom and justice.

Over time Maps are drawn, Nations are born, until then the struggle for self-determination continues.

Long Live Revolution!
Khalistan Zindabad!

Parnaam Shaheedan Nu

Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale

(Feb 12 1947 - Immortality)

Thursday 24 May 2007

Muslim terrorist groomed Sikh student

Muslim Terrorist Groomed Sikh Girl at Brunel University

Sarabha Panjab Exclusive Interview!

23 May 2007

Sarabha Panjab News

Five men have been found guilty of plotting to kill hundreds of Britons in an al-Qaeda-linked bomb plot. The international conspiracy included links to the 7 July 2005 London bombings

One of the men was Jawad Akbar, described by the trial judge as having "intelligence and disturbing deviousness".

Akbar lived in Pakistan until the age of eight when his family moved to Italy for two years and then to Crawley where his father worked as a manager for a catering firm.

He was a third-year student at Brunel University in West London where he attended prayer circles which, he said, "send people to fight". He set up a Sunday school at Langley Green mosque in Crawley.

To the outside world Jawad Akbar would have come across as a normal young man of Pakistani origin.

But underneath the veneer, Akbar nursed a burning sense of resentment and hatred towards the society in which he lived.

Akbar bore a deep hatred of non-Muslims, who he referred to by the derogatory term of kuffars or kufs, meaning unbelievers not worthy of protection.

"When we kill the kuf, this is because we know Allah hates the kufs," he told his wife.

Akbar also referred to Tony Blair as being a "dirty kuffar"

The Daily Telegraph: “But he (Jawad Akbar) had a stormy secret relationship with a Sikh girlfriend and was heard telling her: "You will walk towards hellfire and drag me with you."”

Sarabha Panjab Exclusive Interview!

Sarabha Panjab found ex-Brunel University students who had known Jawad Akbar and his Sikh “girlfriend”.

Ex-student Jay,said he had studied alongside Jawad Akbar for a year at Brunel University and was familiar to Jawads Sikh girlfriend.

Sarabha Panjab: Thank you for taking time to talk to us today. We have followed the Old Baily trial, which found 5 men guilty of plotting to kill hundreds of Britons. One of the 5 men is Jawad Akbar.

Sarabha Panjab: Could you please describe his character.

Jay: I knew Jawad to be quite a popular guy, he was usually surrounded by friends and always shaking peoples hands.

One thing that was apparent is that he only really kept Muslim company. Rarely spoke to other students. Me being an Indian, it was always “hi and bye”, he never made more conversation than that.

Sarabha Panjab: Did he ever express his ideology on non-Muslim Students

Jay: Never to me. But I do know his friends and associates often spoke against other faiths to promote their own. I know several occasions when ‘hard line’ Muslim students mocked other faiths, namely Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism

Sarabha Panjab: Why do you think they mocked other religions?

Jay: I guess it was their way of getting non-Muslims to convert to Islam

Sarabha Panjab: We have been made aware of many Hindu and Sikh students who have been radicalised into Islam at universities. Did you see any evidence of this whilst you studied at Brunel University?

Jay: Yes. I do know Hindu and Sikh guys and girls who have converted to Islam whilst at university.

Sarabha Panjab: Tell us about Jawad Akbars Sikh girlfriend and their relationship

Jay: I knew Miss “K” as friendly out-going girl. It was common knowledge amongst students that their relationship was volatile. I know it had been violent too.

I don’t think he respected her much. His friends would refer to her as ‘Sikhni’ and snigger behind her back. I had heard this myself and found it to be racist.

Sarabha Panjab: According to BBC reports. Jawad and Miss “K” had married and a court order prevents his wife being named as her family and friends still do not know of the marriage. Did you know of this?

Jay: I had no idea

Sarabha Panjab: What do you think made her stay in an abusive relationship with Jawad?

Jay: I really don’t know! It baffles me. I think it may have been a combination of fear of Jawad, and the mind manipulation used by him to scare her into Islam.

End of interview - Thanks to Jay and other ex-students for speaking to Sarabha Panjab News.

Sarabha Panjab:

Yet again we see in mainstream media anther case of Sikh girls used and abused at the hand of fanatic/perverted Pakistai Muslim men.

Miss “K” family members have no idea she is married to a Pakistani Muslim terrorist. It goes to show the immense ‘grooming’ these girls are subjected to.

This is just one case that made mainstream news. Hundreds of such cases are coming to light across the country.

Ask your self why do they target Sikh and Hindu girls?

In Islam, keeping the virginity is the highest asset that a Muslim woman could possess. There is no sin as despicable as that of losing the virginity before a woman is married. For men it is a different story altogether. It is encouraged for unmarried Muslim men to be engaged in sex with Kuffr and infidel women but not with free Muslim women”

As explained by ‘Ali’ an ex-Muslim who witnessed Hate-Preaching at an East London Madrasa.

Surat Al-Nisa 4:3:

“The above mentioned verse also permits the Muslim to have sex with his slave girls, which the Quran call "that which your right hand possess”

Islam allows four wives at the same time and an unlimited number of concubines (mistresses) Emperor Jehangir of India had one wife (Nur Jehan) and 6000 concubines. Concubines are ‘kuffr’ women or girls, strictly used for sex.

‘Al-Taqiyya’ literally means: Concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas or feelings.

It is based on Qur'an verses 3:28 and 16:106 as well as hadith, tafsir literature, and juridical commentaries

“Muslims can apply ‘Al Taqqiya’ to relationships, therefore it is permissible to lie to a woman to persuade her, make her feel good or keep her quiet. It is permissible in Islam that Taqqiya can be used to allow a Muslim to gain any advantage over a Kuffr”

“It allows Muslims to say things like ‘I Love you’, ‘You are so Beautiful’ to form relationships, with the intention to keep them as concubines or convert them down the line”

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Saturday 7 April 2007

Panjabi-Sikh youth clash with perverts!

Gangs Clash!!

7th March 2007

Sarabha Panjab News

Three men were injured as youth gangs fought in Bradford on Friday night. About 10 Panjabi Sikh youth made their way to a council estate in Bradford, Yorkshire, where they believed a Panjabi girl was kept against her will and being exploited by a gang of perverted Pakistani Muslim men.

It follows the mysterious disappearance of Miss “S” from Derby University, where she was studying for a Master’s Degree.
Worried family and friends said she became “distant” over the few weeks leading to her disappearance.
Sikh students on campus were alarmed to see her driven around by local Pakistani drug pushers in the early hours of the night.
“I have known her (Miss “S”) for 3 years, she has always been sensible and kept good company. We are all very concerned about her safety, said a fellow student.

After speaking to the girl’s parents, Panjabi Sikh youth were convinced that this was another case of blackmail, brainwashing or manipulation by predatory Pakistani Muslim men. The whereabouts of Miss “S” was traced to a flat in Bradford.

“We went there with the intention of speaking to Miss “S”, just to see if she was okay, but were nevertheless prepared to meet violent opposition” said Teja Singh, who was present during the confrontation,
“We were greeted with racist abuse by one man, and within 5 minutes three cars full of youth showed up, that’s when things got a bit ugly. After a few initial exchanges of words, it kicked off. We fought and chased them down the main road, and dispersed when the police arrived” explained Teja Singh.

“It’s not about childish street gang fights or about dominance, I don’t give a crap about all that. I will not stand by while our Sikh sisters are being exploited! I would have done the same if the gang were of any race. We are not racist, we are just protecting our sisters from perverts” said another youth present that evening.

Miss “S” made contact with her family that night and members of her family picked her up from Bradford in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Sarabha Panjab:

With increasing cases of racially-motivated grooming and sexual-exploitation of Panjabi girls by extremist Muslim Men, Sikh students are being told to be vigilant, especially of:

Non-Sikhs wearing Kara’s, fake names or fake identities on the Internet.

Drug Rape Drug
A common entrapment method; do not leave your drink unattended in bars/clubs.

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Friday 6 April 2007

Leeds Sikh Leader Attacked

Sikh Leader Acid Attacked!

Sarabha Panjab News

6 April 2007

A Sikh community leader could lose his vision after an assailant threw corrosive chemicals on his face.
Assistant general secretary of the Sikh gurdwara in Leeds, Amarjit Singh Uppal, 49, is in hospital undergoing treatment for burns but it is feared that the damage could result in permanent blindness.
Uppal was attacked as he arrived at his house in Moortown in Leeds Tuesday.
While the motive for the attack is not known, police believe Uppal was the intended target, Yorkshire Post reported.
“This is a nasty attack and the victim may be permanently blinded. The victim is a family man who is not known to the police in any way. It is a horrendous attack. The injuries are serious and catastrophic for his and his family’s life,” said Detective Inspector Adrian Taylor.
Police are conducting fingerprint searches around Uppal’s house and said the suspect was a black who ran away after the attack.
Neighbours described Uppal, father of four children, as a quiet and respectable family man.
“It’s a horrendous attack. I have no idea at all why someone would do this to him,” said a neighbour.
Sarabha Panjab:
Sardar Amerjit Singh Uppal has whole-heartedly opposed the use of Leeds Gurdwara complex for anti-Gurmat practises. He stood against those leaders (massands) who have booked Leeds Gurdwara complex for parties where meat, alchohol and tabacco have been consumed, a practise against the 'Sikh Gurdwara Code of Conduct'.
We are all saddened by this cowardly attack, our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Sunday 1 April 2007

Sikh Lad Stabbed to Death!

Sarabha Panjab News
01 April 2007

A teenager has been charged with the murder of a man who was stabbed at a bus stop in east London. Jaspreet Singh was attacked as he and a friend waited for a night bus in Chapel Road, Ilford, early on Saturday.

Jaspreet Singh

The 25-year-old was taken to King George Hospital, Goodmayes, but died from a single stab wound to the heart.
Kamuzu Munroe, 19, of Ilford, is due to appear before Redbridge Magistrates' Court on Monday charged with murder. Police have appealed for witnesses.
Bus passengers
According to police, the two friends had got off the number 123 bus outside Greggs bakery in Ilford town centre, before walking to Chapel Road to wait for the number 369 night bus.
An argument then broke out at about 0100 BST and Mr Singh was stabbed, police said.
Earlier, Det Ch Insp John MacDonald said they had now spoken to the victim's friend but still wanted to hear from any other witnesses.
"We believe that there were people at the bus stop who witnessed the altercation who then got on the 369 bus. We need these people to come forward."

Monday 26 March 2007

Panjabi Girls Groomed for Sex

Panjabi Girls Groomed for Sex!
Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation

Sarabha Panjab News
26 March 2007

The grooming of Panjabi girls for sex by predatory Muslim men is an increasing problem for the Panjabi community, with this vile practise taking place throughout towns and cities across Britain.

According to Hindu and Sikh Support groups and community leaders, girls as young as 13 have been targeted by gangs of mainly Pakistani-Muslim men. These men initially engage in seemingly innocent relationships with ‘Kuffr’ girls (non-Muslim). These girls are showered in attention and lured with gifts, drinks and cigarettes.

“The process is very common,” says Miss Patel, a youth counsellor working within the Hindu community,

“It starts with young lads who roam outside colleges and schools in fancy cars. Once relationships are formed with these girls, the abuse begins.
They introduce the girls to drink and drugs. ‘Date-Rape’ drug (GHB) is also widely used.
Nude pictures are taken and then the girl is told that these pictures will be shown to her parents if she does not obey they’re orders.
We have known girls passed for sex to the boys uncles and cousins, even through Taxi ranks!”

Looking outside of the Indian community, the grooming of white girls for prostitution by Muslim Gangs has been previously highlighted.

Lancashire Police revealed in 2006 that, around 50 East Lancashire victims aged under 16 had been identified by special police and social services teams set up to combat the menace but they believe as many as 100 could be involved.
Despite all the victims being white and the perpetrators from Muslim Pakistani community Lancashire Police denied this was a “racist issue”. Supt Neil Smith said:
"This is not a racist issue. It is about the exploitation of vulnerable young girls for sex."

Sarabha Panjab Investigates Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation

With increasing cases of ‘Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation’ by Muslim gangs in the UK, what motivates these men to commit such vile acts?

Sarabha Panjab investigated some of the Hate-preaching that takes place in some extremist Madrasa’s (Islamic learning centres) across the country.

“In Islam, keeping the virginity is the highest asset that a Muslim woman could possess. There is no sin as despicable as that of losing the virginity before a woman is married. For men it is a different story altogether. It is encouraged for unmarried Muslim men to be engaged in sex with Kuffr and infidel women but not with free Muslim women”

As explained by ‘Ali’ an ex-Muslim who witnessed Hate-Preaching at an East London Madrasa.

Surat Al-Nisa 4:3:

“The above mentioned verse also permits the Muslim to have sex with his slave girls, which the Quran call "that which your right hand possess”

Islam allows four wives at the same time and an unlimited number of concubines (mistresses) Emperor Jehangir of India had one wife (Nur Jehan) and 6000 concubines. Concubines are ‘kuffr’ women or girls, strictly used for sex.

‘Al-Taqiyya’ literally means: Concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas or feelings.

It is based on Qur'an verses 3:28 and 16:106 as well as hadith, tafsir literature, and juridical commentaries

“Muslims can apply ‘Al Taqqiya’ to relationships, therefore it is permissible to lie to a woman to persuade her, make her feel good or keep her quiet. It is permissible in Islam that Taqqiya can be used to allow a Muslim to gain any advantage over a Kuffr”

“It allows Muslims to say things like ‘I Love you’, ‘You are so Beautiful’ to form relationships, with the intention to keep them as concubines or convert them down the line”

Human Misery

The human misery inflicted by Racially-Motivated sexual grooming was reported in the Evening Telegraph by the mother of one 15-year-old who has been recruited into prostitution spoke out after her daughter took an overdose to try and escape the circle.

The mum, who lives in the Grimshaw Park area of Blackburn, said despite fears over her own and her daughter, she felt compelled to try and safeguard other children in the area from "sexual predators."

She said: "I fear my daughter is going to end up either a drug addict, gang raped, infected with HIV or even worse killed. Her life means nothing to these people."

This problem is massive in the Blackburn area and the parent of every teenage girl must be told what is going on.

"I feel hopeless. She is inundated with calls throughout the night from people not only across Blackburn but as far away as Bradford and Manchester and when I've answered and pretended to be her the things they have said to me have been disgusting."

Video: Victims Speak out!!

Sunday 25 March 2007

Saturday 24 March 2007

Story of a Sikh mother's pain

Mother of Student who was groomed to conversion talks about her pain

21st of March 2007
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

This weekly Panthic Weekly brings the story of a Sikh mother's pain after her son was groomed into converting to Islam.

Students who have been close to extremist Muslims at colleges and universities have said that Islamic Groups tell students who convert to keep "Allah in your heart", which means keep it a secret from your family. This is a tactic employed by cults whose aim is to isolate the target from the family. The word 'al Taqiyya' means concealing or disguising ones belief, convictions, ideas, opinions, feelings and strategies at a time of eminent danger to save one from physical or mental injury, or for the prosperity and welfare of Islam. The website, provides a list of strategies and tactics used by extremist Islamists to groom Sikh students to convert. Some of the tactics used are:

a) Target Sikh boys and girls especially those who are:
* Poorly educated about their religious concepts
* Enjoy dating, drinking etc

b) Promote low-level dialogue
* Do you believe in God, why not?
* Koran is scientifically proven, attacks on Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
* Invitation to meetings/discussion groups

c) Provide surrogate 'family'/immediate group of 'friend' for students living away from home

d) Target Vulnerable Groups
* Living away from home
* Broken family, child does not get attention or love at home
* Weak minded individuals
* Personal problems - Death in family, abusive parent, forced marriage, pressure to wear turban

Mother of Sikh Student at Kingston University who converted to Islam talks about her pain

22nd July 2006: A mother's intuition sometimes tells you something is not right. I was due to go to a religious function with friends and for some reason I kept coming back into the house and my eldest son was very jittery and nervous and it just didn't sit well with me. I asked him what was the matter and he said nothing, he was very nervous and said, "Go mum I'm fine" and he shut the door of his room which sent alarm bells. I re-opened the door to look inside, there was a mat on the floor and I just knew, I had a gut feeling that he was praying. I asked him if he was praying. He got angry and defensive and told me it's nothing forget it. I phoned my father and took my son to see him. He went very reluctantly. There he told us that he had converted to Islam.

At this stage, I took advice from anyone who was prepared to help. I went to the Sikh University in Harrow. There they questioned him and he had no answers to their questions. He said that the only way to go to Allah was through Mohammed.

Through the Sikh University I met numerous educated Baptised Sikhs who agreed to talk to him and his Muslim brothers. His Muslim brothers came to the meetings and badgered, abused and bullied the Sikh boys about their beliefs. Every time my son was asked questions about his conversion, he had no answers. He would run back to the mosque to find out the answers to their questions. It was clear that he went into this religion with his eyes shut and his Muslim brothers were controlling him.

At that time my relationship with my son was intolerable. I cried night after night, ran out of my house hoping that a car would hit me. I would crawl on my knees and beg him to consider the consequences with an elderly grandfather and heartbroken fiancé. He would just sit there like a stone and say come mum I will show you the light. He would never give me eye contact and he would be always be living on nervous energy, he was always conversing with his Muslim brothers who gave him support. He had his henchmen dictating his every action and every move.

My son said that in Islam we respect Allah, then your mother, then your mother, then your mother.... so why was he causing me so much pain.

They picked on my son's vulnerability i.e., away from home attending university; grandmother's sudden death and he needed someone to turn to. I could not be there for him as I was looking after my sick father and other children at home. He got into debates about death with his university Muslim brothers and they would take him into meetings to answer his questions. All the time he was told not to talk about these meetings, even with his girlfriend. From there they gave him leaflets and brochures to educate himself, which was kept hidden. Later these Muslim brothers invited him to play football in their teams.

He was engaged and due to get married in 2007. It turned out that he told his fiancé and tried to convert her and told her to keep it quiet and not to tell me until he was ready. The hardest and most painful thing was to invite his fiancé's parents to the house and tell them that my son had converted to Islam. I have never felt so low and this devastated the whole family, especially my elderly father who was looking forward to the wedding. My father wished that he had died instead of having to witness this betrayal. In relation to my mother's death, my father commented, 'thank God she did not have to witness this'.

I have not given up hope, I always believe in my faith. I felt the Gurdwara let me down because they were too busy making money and running for elections. I do feel that I have let my son down and I wasn't there when he needed me the most and I do believe that no mother or family should ever, ever have to go through this. He has repeatedly told me to convert. I get scared to send him anywhere with my youngest son as numerous times he has tried to prime him.

He has transformed from being warm and loving to being cold and egotistical. He gloats when he hears that another Sikh has been converted. As a Muslim boy in a Sikh family he wants to save us so that we will go to heaven with him and not hell without him.

I felt suicidal I wanted him dead and kept telling him that I wished he'd died at birth so I wouldn't have to go through this. I tried to hold the family together but everything was falling apart and every look he gave me and every action he took was like a knife in my heart. I believe this is hell and my safe world blew up and got destroyed by evil. I felt that my loving, gentle giant turned into a brainwashed robot. If this is his version of love to his mother then I do wish that Allah can have him.

Panthic Weekly would like to thank the Sikh Mother for sharing her story. Her story illustrates how vulnerable students are preyed upon, however more seriously the vulnerability is based on ignorance and the failings of the Sikh community and parents to provide support and comfort to youngsters. Sikh community leaders and parents need to awake to their responsibilities to educate and inspire Sikh youngsters with Gurbani and Sikh history. With no knowledge of our own faith, we make ourselves vulnerable and weak. The Sikh youth need to be made aware of these challenges before they go to school, college or University. If a youngster is aware of the issues and are armed with knowledge, they will never be swayed. The Guru has taught us to rise above anger, lust, greed, attachment and ego-centeredness and to respond with a calm and collective conscious.
In loving memory of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Revolutionist Kartar Singh Sarabha, was just nineteen years old when he became a Shaheed in the name of freedom and justice. He appeared like a storm, ignited the flame of revolution and tried to wake up a sleeping Panjab. Such courage, self-confidence, and dedication is rarely found. Of the Panjabis who can be called revolutionaries in true sense of the word, Kartar Singh's name comes at the top.
Revolution lived in his veins. There was only one aim of his life, only one desire, and only one hope - all that held meaning in his life was revolution.