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Sikh Youth Attacked in Scotland

Sikh Youth Attacked in Scotland by Racist Gangsters!
Wednesday 21st of February 2007

Glasgow, Scotland - On Saturday 17 February 2007, a 22-year-old Sikh student waiting at a bustop on his way back from work was set upon and attacked by a gang of white racist men. The young Sikh man reported the racially motivated incident to the police and to the Sikh Helpline, an organisation that provides a confidential telephone service counselling, and an online forum and services on, providing support and guidance to those facing issues relating to culture, religion, bullying and abuse.

Lakhivar Singh, an oversees post-graduate student from India studying at Paisley University said, "I was standing at Braehead bus stop to catch the bus home when a few Scottish guys standing at the bus stop started to abuse me by saying "Your a Paki" and "You have a bomb in your turban." One of the racist gang members then said, "Take the bomb out of your turban". Being shocked at the verbal abuse he replied back to leave him alone. To this the group of gang of men walked away towards the Renfrew's Braehead Shopping Centre. At this point the young Sikh man rang the police and reported the racial incident, to which the police responded that they would send police officers to where he was as soon as possible.

However, the torment of the Lakhivar Singh did not stop here. Minutes later, the group of racist white men came back from the Shopping Centre. The police had not arrived yet. The racist men punched and kicked the young Sikh man, as he lay knocked to the floor. One of the attackers pulled his turban and eye-spectacles off. The young man's Kesh (unshorn hair) tied up on the head had come undone as the attackers continuously punched him.

Thankfully the Shopping Centre security guards heard Lakhivar Singh's calls for help and as soon as they came over the racist gang ran away. The security guards were unable to catch the gang. In the meantime the police arrived and a passer-by who had witnessed the gruesome attack provided information to the police. A police spokeswoman said, "Our inquires into the incident are ongoing."

Lakhivar Singh told the media, "All my family are in Mumbai and they just want me to come home because they think Scotland is no longer safe for me." He added, "I was really enjoying myself here and most people are friendly, but now I am scared to go to work and I just want to go home."

Attacks on members of the Sikh community have been on the rise due largely to the ignorance of some members of the public - who mistake turbaned Sikhs as Muslim radicals as well as the UK's politically-correct policy of lumping Sikhs with the collective tag 'Asian' instead of clearly identifying Muslims as the offenders when needed. Members of the Sikh community are advised to take all necessary precautions when they are out and to report all racial incidents immediately to the local police regardless of how minor or significant one may perceive the incident to be.

UK Police Soft on Islamic Student Recruiters

Sikh University Students Targeted by Muslim Extremists!!

Police are working with universities to clamp down on the practice of 'Aggressive Conversion' that has seen girls beaten up and forced to abandon university courses, announced Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. However, he was left red-faced as a storm erupted simultaneously over conversion tactics and alleged Racial and Religious hatred being spread at the Islamic Society at Coventry University.

Police assured the community that it will take action against aggressive conversion techniques and intimidation being employed against girls by radical Muslim groups in university campuses. It was stated that those most at risk are Hindu or Sikh girls, who are especially vulnerable.

This was announced on Wednesday at a conference organised by the Hindu Forum of Britain and the National Hindu Students Forum.

At the same time, in Coventry University furore erupted within the Sikh and wider Indian community over how the Student Guild, an academic body, allowed an event which is in direct breach of UK legislation by inciting religious hatred in the Sikh and Hindu communities as well as racial hatred in the wider Indian community.

It is alleged that in the meeting, a youngster called 'Aman Dhaliwal' (a former Sikh) announced he was no longer a Sikh and had now embraced Islam and strongly encouraged others to do likewise. Sources say leaflets and literature were distributed with the same intent. The same group of extremists have appeared at Islamic Societies across the UK. This is a flyer for an event distributed in Central London:

Joanne Thomas, General Manager, claimed that "Coventry University Students’ Union is conducting a thorough investigation of this matter".

The conversion tactics of extremists resembles a group called Al-Muhajiroun, which is currently underground in the UK. In previous years the group organised similair large events wherein previous non-Muslims would criticise and denounce their faith and exclaim why they embraced Islam. At the last official event organised by the group in 2004, similair furore was created and members of the Sikh, Hindu and wider Indian community peacefully protested in London against the incitement of hatred. Thousands of members of the BNP also protested although their protest was less peaceful.

Islamic extremist groups have utilised University Islamic Societies for many years, with the Police and University authorities only talking but with little action in reality. Last November, Higher Education minister Bill Rammell stated University campuses had become focal points for Islamic extremism.

Ramesh Kallidai, secretary general of the Hindu Forum of Britain said, "The Police and other agencies have no idea about the high levels of resentment building up in the Hindu and Sikh communities over aggressive conversion techniques and intimidation by radical Islamist groups on campuses. Families are breaking down, while some of our girls have been beaten up and had to leave university. We need to look at positive action rather than just speaking on these issues."

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Uk Police To Target Forced Conversions By Islamic Extremtists

UK NEWS Islamic Student Recruiters Targetted By Cops
Thursday, 22nd February 2007, 14:50

Extremist Muslims who force hundreds of vulnerable teenage girls to convert to Islam are being targeted by police, it was revealed today.

Cops are working with universities to clamp down on the practice of 'Aggressive Conversion' that has seen girls beaten up and forced to abandon university courses, announced Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Those most at risk are Hindu or Sikh girls, who are especially vulnerable, according to the Hindu Forum of Britain.

They claim that hundreds are subject to intimidation, threats and beatings by Muslim men who take them out for dates before beginning a campaign of 'terrorism' until they convert to Islam.

And they say some Muslims are being paid up to £5,000 for every person converted to Islam in parts of the country.

Sir Ian Blair stated his support for the Hindu community at a conference organised by the Hindu Forum of Britain.

Ramesh Kallidai, secretary general of the Hindu Forum of Britain, said the Hindu and Sikh community were infuriated by the conversions.

He said: "There is a lot of passion and resentment in the Hindu and Sikh community over aggressive conversions and intimidation on university campuses.

"Extremist Muslims make life completely miserable for Hindu girls. Some are completely petrified because they are constantly being phoned up, having their door knocked. They feel these men have a complete hold on them.

"One girl was beaten up on the street and and others have been forced to leave university.

"We believe there are at least two or three cases in each of the universities in London alone, based on what we know from victims telling us.

"It is probably more prevalent in cities such as Birmingham, Leeds and Bradford and I would absolutely say are hundreds of such cases.

"We have seen posters in Luton that specifically ask Muslim boys to convert Hindu and Sikh girls because they are very vulnerable.

"They are encouraged to go on dates with Hindu girls, and once they have won their trust, to aggressively convert them.

"I have even heard rumours that Muslim boys are paid as much as £5,000 to convert someone.

"The problem is we don't know the full extent of the problem because even coming to tell us takes very brave girls. They know the boys that do it and are frightened they know where they live."

Last November, Higher Education minister Bill Rammell claimed University campuses had become focal points for Islamic extremism.

Police urged any girls who have been targeted to report aggressors to them.

However Mr Kallidai said they were not doing enough to tackle the problem and that they needed to identify the extent of the problem before attempting to deal with it.

He continued: "The problem is that police are saying they will deal with this and work with universities, but they don't know the scale of the problem.

"They've got to encourage people to report and intimidation, then investigate the problem. They need to find ways in which girls will feel more confident to report it.

"I think a dedicated, confidential line would be of help - something like Crimestoppers is too general."

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "The Commissioner and other Metropolitan Police colleagues attended a Hindu security conference organised by the Hindu Forum of Great Britain yesterday.

"The Commissioner told attendees that the Met understood the feeling in the Hindu community that police had not given them as much attention as some other groups and gave reassurance that their concerns are taken seriously.

"The issue of Hindu girls being reportedly subjected to aggressive conversion techniques and intimidation on university campuses was raised.

"Neighbourhood police officers work with university authorities in London and we would encourage anyone who has been targeted in this way to seek help and support and where necessary use third party reporting facilities if they do not want to contact police directly."

West Bromwich racist attack

Sikh Boys Attacked by 20 Strong Muslim Gang!

25th February 2007

A YOUNG man has been critically wounded, after being attacked on Saturday evening by a gang of Muslim men, in West Bromwich.

Three young Sikh left the Guru Har Rai Gurdwara where they regularly attend the Sikh Naujawan Academy (SNA).

“The three boys left the Gurdwara, one of them went into the local shop while two of them waited outside” said Sukhdev Singh, from SNA.
“they are all very decent boys, last year they ran a summer camp. There was no reason for this gang to attack them”

“The young man who has been hospitalised has no personal vendettas, he was badly beaten and today he is under going surgery”

The boys walked from the Gurdwara to the local shops in The Parade, West Bromwich, the attack happened outside the newsagents Premier.

“The attack was brutal, one of the two people hurt has his mouth smashed with a metal bar, he has lost his teeth and gums, he cannot eat or talk properly” said Manjit Singh from 5 K’s Foundation in Oldbury, Birmingham.

“He is such a lovely person who I have known for three years, he does Kirtan, and is a very supportive person”

“The other person attacked is badly bruised, but thankfully he is not hospitalised”
“This type of attack leaves the community very venerable. We are calling for calm, but dialogue amongst the community leaders is paramount”

The 5 K’s Foundation has a relationship with other communities in the area “We work with other communities to build a cohesive relationship, but there are some individuals that have different agenda” said Baljit Singh, Manager of 5 K’s foundation.

“The nature of this attack does allege that it may have a racial motive, given that 20 Muslim Youths attacked three unarmed Sikh youths”

“We are working with the police and maintaining calm. We understand some youth have been arrested and are in police custody”

West Midlands police have confirmed “We are investigating an insistent that occurred on Saturday afternoon, in West Bromwich, in which two youths were injured. One seventeen, the injuries are not life threatening the other sixteen who incurred minor injuries”

Muslim Gangs out of Control!

Muslim Gangs out of Control!

Sikh youth say, “Enough is Enough!”

SIKH Youth & Community Leaders in Luton, Bedfordshire are appalled by the lack of action taken by the Police in protecting Sikh youth from racist Muslim gangs. This follows a brutal attack by 9 Muslim men on a single Sikh boy at Luton town centre in December. The CCTV footage of the attack was played to the Sikh Community, which has caused outrage. A Meeting with the Police and Senior Sikh leaders is due next week.

A local Sikh university student, Dalwinder Kaur says, “This has been happening for as long as I can remember, Muslim gangs, mainly Pakistani men bully and attack Indian youth and the sexual abuse of Indian girls is also very common”

SarabhaPanjab News


Sikh School Boy Attack Video!

Sick! Perverted! Attack!


Pakistani Gangs Disrupt Vaisakhi Mela - West London

Gangs come prepared to attack Sikh boys. Sikh girls harassed.

Pakistani Gang Attack- Disgusting!

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Extremists targeting Sikh students

Sikh University Students Face Growing Dangers from Extremists

British Education Secretary Ruth Kelly said that British universities have been told to spy on student activists to prevent the spread of Islamic extremism and terror.

The Education Secretary said that Vice-Chancellors had a duty to inform the police where they believed that students or staff were breaking the law or committing ''possible criminal acts''.

Freedom of speech and thought on campus did not extend to tolerance of unacceptable behaviour, she told the Annual Conference of Universities UK, the body representing vice-chancellors and principals, in London.

A report by the Social Affairs Unit, a right-wing think tank, has warned that some British universities ''may have become, and may still be, safe havens for terrorist ideas and recruits.'' The report by Professor Anthony Glees and Chris Pope, both at Brunel University, named 24 universities ''where extremist and/or terror groups have been detected''.

Islamic societies and Muslim student organisations in universities and colleges have in the past targeted Sikh students in pursuit of converting Sikh girls to Islam. A decade ago the British Organisation of Sikh Students worked with the NUS to ban Islamic fundamentalists from UK university campuses. However, the new news of Muslim extremists infiltrating student organisations and societies in university and college is worrying for the Sikh community.

Sikh Societies have been talking about what they have observed of tactics of Islamic Societies at “fresher fair” approaching people and bombarding with questions and how only Islam is true and everyone else is damned to hell.
With the beginning of the new academic year the ‘fundamentalist Muslims’ issue has come to light once again in universities, with fundamentalist preying upon ignorant Sikhs who know little or nothing about the Sikh faith. Sikh students are bombarded with questions upon questions about Sikhism, which is followed up by distorted accounts of Sikh religion.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Drunken racist pair face jail for attack
Feb 15, 2007

A POSSIBLE jail sentence hangs over two racist thugs who launched a sickening attack on a Sikh supermarket manager in Harpenden.

Steven Kent, aged 25, and Stuart Cameron, 19, turned up drunk last May at Sainsbury's in the town two hours before it was due to open.

As they tried to force their way in they racially abused the manager Gurminder Singh, known as Bobby, taunting him about being a Muslim. When he told them he was a Sikh they rained a flurry of blows on him leaving him with a fractured cheekbone.

Last week Kent, of Lowestoft, was found guilty of racially aggravated grievous bodily harm as well as a charge of affray for attacking another Sainsbury employee who rushed to help Mr Singh.

Cameron, of Glemsford Drive, Harpenden, had already pleaded guilty to the racist attack before the trial started and an Old Bailey jury cleared him of affray.

A third man Mark Hattam, of Ranleigh Walk, Harpenden, was cleared of racially aggravated grievous bodily harm but found guilty of affray for his part in the violence. All the verdicts were unanimous.

Judge Richard Hone remanded the trio on conditional bail and will sentence them on March 9.

The court heard that the three men were still drunk from a boozing session the night before when they turned up at Sainsbury's two hours before it was due to open on Sunday, May 28 - the Bank Holiday weekend.

They appeared at the front door of the store and tried to force their way in by pressing upon the glass doors. Mr Singh noticed them and opened the door to speak to them and was asked what time they were opening.

Cameron looked at his watch and told Mr Singh he was not displaying a sign at which point both Kent and Hattam started shouting at him as well.

The verbal attack then turned racist with Mr Singh accused of being a Paki and a Muslim even thought he told them he was of Sikh origin.

A fight broke out and witnesses saw Mr Singh being punched repeatedly in the face then kicked as he lay on the ground trying to protect himself. His colleague David Wilson tried to pull the attackers away but was punched several times in the face by Kent and Hattam suffering minor injuries as a result.

The three attackers began walking away but rushed back to attack Mr Singh again when he got to his feet and started shouting at them. Staff managed to restrain Hattam but Kent and Cameron fled. They were picked up later in a nearby street.

When interviewed Cameron described the attack as "a tussle" but later pleaded guilty to racially-aggravated grievous bodily harm. Kent claimed Mr Singh had provoked them before the violence began - but giving evidence Mr Singh laughed off the accusation and called it a fabrication.

In loving memory of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Revolutionist Kartar Singh Sarabha, was just nineteen years old when he became a Shaheed in the name of freedom and justice. He appeared like a storm, ignited the flame of revolution and tried to wake up a sleeping Panjab. Such courage, self-confidence, and dedication is rarely found. Of the Panjabis who can be called revolutionaries in true sense of the word, Kartar Singh's name comes at the top.
Revolution lived in his veins. There was only one aim of his life, only one desire, and only one hope - all that held meaning in his life was revolution.