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Panjabi Girls Groomed for Sex

Panjabi Girls Groomed for Sex!
Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation

Sarabha Panjab News
26 March 2007

The grooming of Panjabi girls for sex by predatory Muslim men is an increasing problem for the Panjabi community, with this vile practise taking place throughout towns and cities across Britain.

According to Hindu and Sikh Support groups and community leaders, girls as young as 13 have been targeted by gangs of mainly Pakistani-Muslim men. These men initially engage in seemingly innocent relationships with ‘Kuffr’ girls (non-Muslim). These girls are showered in attention and lured with gifts, drinks and cigarettes.

“The process is very common,” says Miss Patel, a youth counsellor working within the Hindu community,

“It starts with young lads who roam outside colleges and schools in fancy cars. Once relationships are formed with these girls, the abuse begins.
They introduce the girls to drink and drugs. ‘Date-Rape’ drug (GHB) is also widely used.
Nude pictures are taken and then the girl is told that these pictures will be shown to her parents if she does not obey they’re orders.
We have known girls passed for sex to the boys uncles and cousins, even through Taxi ranks!”

Looking outside of the Indian community, the grooming of white girls for prostitution by Muslim Gangs has been previously highlighted.

Lancashire Police revealed in 2006 that, around 50 East Lancashire victims aged under 16 had been identified by special police and social services teams set up to combat the menace but they believe as many as 100 could be involved.
Despite all the victims being white and the perpetrators from Muslim Pakistani community Lancashire Police denied this was a “racist issue”. Supt Neil Smith said:
"This is not a racist issue. It is about the exploitation of vulnerable young girls for sex."

Sarabha Panjab Investigates Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation

With increasing cases of ‘Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation’ by Muslim gangs in the UK, what motivates these men to commit such vile acts?

Sarabha Panjab investigated some of the Hate-preaching that takes place in some extremist Madrasa’s (Islamic learning centres) across the country.

“In Islam, keeping the virginity is the highest asset that a Muslim woman could possess. There is no sin as despicable as that of losing the virginity before a woman is married. For men it is a different story altogether. It is encouraged for unmarried Muslim men to be engaged in sex with Kuffr and infidel women but not with free Muslim women”

As explained by ‘Ali’ an ex-Muslim who witnessed Hate-Preaching at an East London Madrasa.

Surat Al-Nisa 4:3:

“The above mentioned verse also permits the Muslim to have sex with his slave girls, which the Quran call "that which your right hand possess”

Islam allows four wives at the same time and an unlimited number of concubines (mistresses) Emperor Jehangir of India had one wife (Nur Jehan) and 6000 concubines. Concubines are ‘kuffr’ women or girls, strictly used for sex.

‘Al-Taqiyya’ literally means: Concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas or feelings.

It is based on Qur'an verses 3:28 and 16:106 as well as hadith, tafsir literature, and juridical commentaries

“Muslims can apply ‘Al Taqqiya’ to relationships, therefore it is permissible to lie to a woman to persuade her, make her feel good or keep her quiet. It is permissible in Islam that Taqqiya can be used to allow a Muslim to gain any advantage over a Kuffr”

“It allows Muslims to say things like ‘I Love you’, ‘You are so Beautiful’ to form relationships, with the intention to keep them as concubines or convert them down the line”

Human Misery

The human misery inflicted by Racially-Motivated sexual grooming was reported in the Evening Telegraph by the mother of one 15-year-old who has been recruited into prostitution spoke out after her daughter took an overdose to try and escape the circle.

The mum, who lives in the Grimshaw Park area of Blackburn, said despite fears over her own and her daughter, she felt compelled to try and safeguard other children in the area from "sexual predators."

She said: "I fear my daughter is going to end up either a drug addict, gang raped, infected with HIV or even worse killed. Her life means nothing to these people."

This problem is massive in the Blackburn area and the parent of every teenage girl must be told what is going on.

"I feel hopeless. She is inundated with calls throughout the night from people not only across Blackburn but as far away as Bradford and Manchester and when I've answered and pretended to be her the things they have said to me have been disgusting."

Video: Victims Speak out!!

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Saturday, 24 March 2007

Story of a Sikh mother's pain

Mother of Student who was groomed to conversion talks about her pain

21st of March 2007
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

This weekly Panthic Weekly brings the story of a Sikh mother's pain after her son was groomed into converting to Islam.

Students who have been close to extremist Muslims at colleges and universities have said that Islamic Groups tell students who convert to keep "Allah in your heart", which means keep it a secret from your family. This is a tactic employed by cults whose aim is to isolate the target from the family. The word 'al Taqiyya' means concealing or disguising ones belief, convictions, ideas, opinions, feelings and strategies at a time of eminent danger to save one from physical or mental injury, or for the prosperity and welfare of Islam. The website, provides a list of strategies and tactics used by extremist Islamists to groom Sikh students to convert. Some of the tactics used are:

a) Target Sikh boys and girls especially those who are:
* Poorly educated about their religious concepts
* Enjoy dating, drinking etc

b) Promote low-level dialogue
* Do you believe in God, why not?
* Koran is scientifically proven, attacks on Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
* Invitation to meetings/discussion groups

c) Provide surrogate 'family'/immediate group of 'friend' for students living away from home

d) Target Vulnerable Groups
* Living away from home
* Broken family, child does not get attention or love at home
* Weak minded individuals
* Personal problems - Death in family, abusive parent, forced marriage, pressure to wear turban

Mother of Sikh Student at Kingston University who converted to Islam talks about her pain

22nd July 2006: A mother's intuition sometimes tells you something is not right. I was due to go to a religious function with friends and for some reason I kept coming back into the house and my eldest son was very jittery and nervous and it just didn't sit well with me. I asked him what was the matter and he said nothing, he was very nervous and said, "Go mum I'm fine" and he shut the door of his room which sent alarm bells. I re-opened the door to look inside, there was a mat on the floor and I just knew, I had a gut feeling that he was praying. I asked him if he was praying. He got angry and defensive and told me it's nothing forget it. I phoned my father and took my son to see him. He went very reluctantly. There he told us that he had converted to Islam.

At this stage, I took advice from anyone who was prepared to help. I went to the Sikh University in Harrow. There they questioned him and he had no answers to their questions. He said that the only way to go to Allah was through Mohammed.

Through the Sikh University I met numerous educated Baptised Sikhs who agreed to talk to him and his Muslim brothers. His Muslim brothers came to the meetings and badgered, abused and bullied the Sikh boys about their beliefs. Every time my son was asked questions about his conversion, he had no answers. He would run back to the mosque to find out the answers to their questions. It was clear that he went into this religion with his eyes shut and his Muslim brothers were controlling him.

At that time my relationship with my son was intolerable. I cried night after night, ran out of my house hoping that a car would hit me. I would crawl on my knees and beg him to consider the consequences with an elderly grandfather and heartbroken fiancé. He would just sit there like a stone and say come mum I will show you the light. He would never give me eye contact and he would be always be living on nervous energy, he was always conversing with his Muslim brothers who gave him support. He had his henchmen dictating his every action and every move.

My son said that in Islam we respect Allah, then your mother, then your mother, then your mother.... so why was he causing me so much pain.

They picked on my son's vulnerability i.e., away from home attending university; grandmother's sudden death and he needed someone to turn to. I could not be there for him as I was looking after my sick father and other children at home. He got into debates about death with his university Muslim brothers and they would take him into meetings to answer his questions. All the time he was told not to talk about these meetings, even with his girlfriend. From there they gave him leaflets and brochures to educate himself, which was kept hidden. Later these Muslim brothers invited him to play football in their teams.

He was engaged and due to get married in 2007. It turned out that he told his fiancé and tried to convert her and told her to keep it quiet and not to tell me until he was ready. The hardest and most painful thing was to invite his fiancé's parents to the house and tell them that my son had converted to Islam. I have never felt so low and this devastated the whole family, especially my elderly father who was looking forward to the wedding. My father wished that he had died instead of having to witness this betrayal. In relation to my mother's death, my father commented, 'thank God she did not have to witness this'.

I have not given up hope, I always believe in my faith. I felt the Gurdwara let me down because they were too busy making money and running for elections. I do feel that I have let my son down and I wasn't there when he needed me the most and I do believe that no mother or family should ever, ever have to go through this. He has repeatedly told me to convert. I get scared to send him anywhere with my youngest son as numerous times he has tried to prime him.

He has transformed from being warm and loving to being cold and egotistical. He gloats when he hears that another Sikh has been converted. As a Muslim boy in a Sikh family he wants to save us so that we will go to heaven with him and not hell without him.

I felt suicidal I wanted him dead and kept telling him that I wished he'd died at birth so I wouldn't have to go through this. I tried to hold the family together but everything was falling apart and every look he gave me and every action he took was like a knife in my heart. I believe this is hell and my safe world blew up and got destroyed by evil. I felt that my loving, gentle giant turned into a brainwashed robot. If this is his version of love to his mother then I do wish that Allah can have him.

Panthic Weekly would like to thank the Sikh Mother for sharing her story. Her story illustrates how vulnerable students are preyed upon, however more seriously the vulnerability is based on ignorance and the failings of the Sikh community and parents to provide support and comfort to youngsters. Sikh community leaders and parents need to awake to their responsibilities to educate and inspire Sikh youngsters with Gurbani and Sikh history. With no knowledge of our own faith, we make ourselves vulnerable and weak. The Sikh youth need to be made aware of these challenges before they go to school, college or University. If a youngster is aware of the issues and are armed with knowledge, they will never be swayed. The Guru has taught us to rise above anger, lust, greed, attachment and ego-centeredness and to respond with a calm and collective conscious.

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Hate Crimes Against Sikhs Eventually Recognized by Police

Police Recognise Racially Motivated Sexual Exploitation & Grooming for Conversion of Sikh Girls

Wednesday 7th of March 2007

Panthic Weekly News Bureau

London, UK - The Metropolitan Police have now recognised the systematic and planned racially motivated hate crimes against Sikh and Hindu college and university students by extremist Muslims who groom, blackmail and force hundreds of vulnerable teenage girls to convert to Islam. The hate crimes against Sikhs and Hindus is historically linked. Extremist Muslims justify their disturbingly predatory behaviour with the Quran saying: "No compulsion is prescribed in religion" (Quran: II, 256-257). Sikh history bears witness of extremist Muslims forcefully taking women, aggressive conversions and penalties of death and barbaric tortures against those who resisted the aggressive religious zeal of Islam.
Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, announced that the police are working with universities to clamp down on the practice of 'Aggressive Conversion' that has seen girls beaten up and forced to abandon university courses. The most at risk are vulnerable Sikh or Hindu girls who are subjected to intimidation, threats of being dishonoured and beatings by Muslim men who take them out for dates and bombard them with flattery before beginning a crusade of 'terrorism' until they convert to Islam.
Many befriend their victims then threaten to tell their families that they are in a sexual relationship with a Muslim. Some teenagers are drugged, sometimes by Muslim female accomplices and then photographed by abuser(s) in compromising positions, which leads to campaign of blackmail and further sexual and emotional abuse through mental manipulation. Muslims have advertised to pay £5,000 for every person converted to Islam in parts of the country.
Last November, Bill Rammell, Higher Education minister, claimed university campuses had become focal points for Islamic extremism. Police are aware of the problem. Sir Ian Blair recently attended a Hindu conference where the issue was raised. But police are powerless to act unless incidents are reported. This rarely happens because the stigma of a child converting to Islam often silences Sikh and Hindu parents. Community elders say that the practice is widespread but their estimates vary from 100 annual incidents nationwide to 120 in the past few months in the South East alone.
Ranjeet Singh, of the British Organisation of Sikh Students, said: "There are cases of aggressive techniques, of drugging and of rape, of the man taking photos and blackmailing the girls into converting. They know that by dishonouring the girls, they will make their families disown them. In the past few months there have been about 120 cases in Luton and the South East. It's a problem that has been going on for a while, but a lot of people are reluctant to come forward and there's not much being done." He added, "Some girls are very innocent and vulnerable when they go to university. Then these men befriend them. We know of some whose lives have been ruined."
One member of the Sikh community who has been actively involved in dealing with hundreds of cases of hate crimes targeting Sikhs, in particular young girls, by Muslim men said: "This is very much taboo. These issues have been going on for many years and come to the boil at university. I deal with many very serious cases. There are horrific examples of abuse and blackmail, with men saying they're going to tell the girl's parents. Then they're pretty much trapped. We call it "groomed conversions". Some of the girls go through with it because they feel they have no choice." He added, "The men start a relationship with them, with the agenda of conversion down the line. Sometimes they take a picture of her in a compromising position. It's so easy with camera phones. An 18-year-old girl ends up in a situation that she can't control." He said that the extremists were exploiting the Sikh community's tendency to treat conversion as a grave dishonour, adding: "That's a cultural mindset we need to tackle. It's the worst thing you could face - worse than bankruptcy or losing your job."
For over a decade the Sikh community has been this serious issue and the safety of young girls and students with the Metropolitan Police. However, little was done to reassure the Sikh community that they were safe from hate crimes by extremist Muslims in colleges, universities and cities where there is a large Muslim presence. A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman confirmed that officers had attended a Hindu security conference last month and that they are aware of the concerning issue, however require further research of specific incidents reported to the police. She said, "We would encourage anyone who has been targeted in this way to seek help." However, shame, intimidation and fear of violence by the abusers prevents many young and vulnerable victims from coming forward to their families or the police.

A Sikh Student's Story of Harassment & Intimidation

A Sikh Student's Story of Harassment & Intimidation

Wednesday 14th of March 2007
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

London, UK (KP) - Last week Panthic Weekly covered the news that the London Metropolitan Police has recognise the aggressive conversion tactics of Muslims against Sikh and Hindu female students at colleges and Universities. This week Panthic Weekly brings the account of one young Sikh female who recently graduated from Luton University who recognises and can relate the threats posed by extremist Muslims.
Unfortunately many of the victims of the grooming, intimidation and blackmailing are either to ashamed to share their story with the public or wish to forget what has happened with them as they are now married off. Other girls feel scared or threatened and end up suffering depression and suffering in silence. Panthic Weekly is thankful that this female Sikh victim of Islamists racially targeting Sikhs has had the courage to share her story with and Panthic Weekly.
Female Sikh Student harassed and intimidated at Luton University by Islamists:
I took one look back at my bedroom, closed my eyes shut and asked Waheguru to guide me in the right direction then stepped into the passenger seat of dad's car.
The journey of my first ever day of moving out of my parents house to a life of independence was to a life of standing on my own two feet. My heart was pounding with part butterflies in the stomach and part happiness.
I arrived at the flat and moved everything in. The second day I was on the phone to my parents crying to bring me back home - That's one thing probably almost every student does.
Before I got to Uni I had just discovered the one thing that changed my thinking, my attitude, my way of life for ever - I discovered Sikhism. The 'A LEVEL' in Sikhism was a God send for me. I became attached to reading up on every resource on Sikhism that I could get my hands on: Gurbani reading, history, stories, shabads… anything. I became ultimately in love with God, Guru and Sikhism. The last 21 years of my life seemed like nothing up until now. My parents were shocked on my change, but I didn't realise how I'd been swept off my feet and how hungry I was to meet God.
So now at university I still continued to research Sikhism. I went to London Society meetings not knowing anyone or anything about them. I went to any local Kirtan and was practically at the Gurdwara every other evening to listen to the Katha and Kirtan.
I came across just ONE Gursikh, not only in my course but within the WHOLE University. I felt as if I was the only Sikh at the uni and this made me feel slightly upset at times. I was used to seeing the group of Islamists walking around the campus and discussing religion, I saw Hindus and Christians but no Sikhs.
The next day I was at the Student Union discussing the opening of a Sikh society and filling in paperwork. Me and Mr Singh ji (my fellow student) now promoted the new Sikh society to others of the university, there were other Sikhs whom we had not yet met.
Soon after this the Islamic Society became aware of the new Sikh Society and president (me). From that day on I was receiving hoax calls from unknown numbers and getting indirectly harassed from Muslims who were threatened by the Sikh society.
We did not retaliate but kept our heads up continuing to make posters and organising regular meetings. With an amazing turnout of 30 Sikh students it was obvious that Guru ji had this all in place well. We were so happy and held a bigger event later in the year. Our posters were continually pulled off the walls, ripped up and either left on the floor or thrown in the bin. But yet we continued producing posters and sticking them up around the campus.
It got worse when I started getting a black car following me home and to uni every day. It was scary and I had doubts at one point of whether "I should continue what I had started?" But for some reason I felt compelled and even stronger to continue the Sikh Society and build my network. The aim became to unite Sikhs within and around Luton.
This way the Sikh Society grew and we got more problems with Muslims in Luton. We had threatening emails, Muslims men would come to our Sikh Society meetings and sit at the back in disguise (wearing a Kara) observing the content of our discussions. They would attempt to talk to the female youth at the Sikh societies. The Muslim students would frequently stop me after lectures and challenge me to questions and ask me what I found in opening a Sikh society? I just smiled and replied with "I have found my life and my path".
I think that at the end it was the unshakable faith which they witnessed within me that scared them and made them want to put their guards up. They would try anything to distract us from the Sikh Society - send Muslim boys and girls to make friendships with us and other members of the Sikh Society but by that time I had already warned others as a caution. They would pester Sikh youth for going out for drinks and parties and say things like "Hey sister/brother come to lunch with us, its on me" - notice the words "sister/brother" attempting to sound like they are the same as you. This is yet another tactic used to make you feel like your part of a huge family- their family. They will also try to be too familiar with you another warning signal!
Obviously during all this happening I did not tell my parents as they would naturally get worried and encourage me to keep out of it all.
But throughout all this, throughout the three years at Luton University of ups and downs there was a driving force behind us which kept us continuing the sewa that we could. WE DID NOT GIVE UP. I was scared yes, I was harassed, I was followed, I was threatened and confused but we continued the Sikh Society.
That driving force was perseverance, motivation and most importantly it was the love for Gurbani which grew inside me stronger and stronger just like a fountain over filling with water.
I think now that we were lucky and I realise that wherever we go in life Guru is with us 'ang sang' (by our side) he always preserves our honour. I met people from all walks of life during my time away, good and bad, that's something we all go through - its how we maintain ourselves during that time which is important.
From personal experience, 60-70% of all female students who go to study at the University of Luton or Bradford have either returned home converted to Islam or have returned home a different person. It's so tough to survive the world of conversions and I can proudly say that having returned home after 3 years at Luton University I did not convert, but returned home stronger.
It's much harder for girls in a way as we can sometimes be vulnerable and those whom lack knowledge on Sikhism are especially weak targets. Having learnt this I self-taught myself and I advise all other young girls and guys to do the same. Every religion is lovely in its own way and we should be open-minded to all of them. However, before you get taken into another religion or asked questions be prepared, learn about your own faith, dig deep and keep digging like I did until you find your answers! You'll find a treasure that no other person in the world can offer you.
Panthic Weekly would like to thank Mrs. Kaur for sharing her story, and urge any other Sikh girls or boys affected by any of these issues to please tell someone. The provides a 24 hour free confidential helpline service with Sikh counsellors to support, guide and help those in need. It is important that those who have witnessed or experienced these issues to report it to the police so that further students do not experience the mental manipulation, heartache, and misery.

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Black Youth Attack Sikh Girl

Black Youths Racially Attack Punjabi-Sikh Student

Sher-e-Panjab Press

Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007

A young Punjabi-Sikh student who was racially attacked by a mob of girls on a bus recently accused the driver and other passengers of turning a blind eye to her ordeal.

Ramanpreet Kaur Bhalla said her pleas for help were ignored as she was left at the mercy of the teenage racist thugs who dragged her from the vehicle and laid into her.

The 19-year-old student said the experience had "shattered her faith in humanity" and left her scared to travel on public transport.

Travel chiefs promised an urgent investigation. Footage from on-board CCTV cameras has been recovered and handed to police.

The incident has raised the issue about whether members of the public should step in to help fellow citizens defend themselves from violence, over recent months there have been many such attacks on members of the Punjabi-Sikh community.

Ramanpreet said: "I was so shocked no-one wanted to help me. They could all see what was happening to me but stood by and did nothing.
"We're all human and should help each other out."

She added: "Because of what happened, I can't go back on the bus any more."
The A-Level student, who plans to study psychology, was travelling home on the number 11 bus when the attack happened.

She said a gang of eight black girls started causing trouble with other passengers, forcing the driver to stop the bus at the Greenhill Road junction on Rookery Road, Handsworth, Birmingham.

As Ramanpreet joined passengers to get off the bus the gangs of girls barged into her.

"One of them spat in my face," said Ramanpreet, who lives in Handsworth with her parents.

"They grabbed my hair and dragged me off the bus and onto the pavement. They kicked me and slapped me.

"I was scared. They were in a group and I was on my own. No one did anything to help me, I couldn't believe it.

"They could have had a knife. I could have been stabbed. "I was shouting 'Help, please, someone help me'. But the bus driver and passengers just stood there. No one lifted a finger."

The gang eventually fled with Ramanpreet's purse containing cash and valuables.

A spokesman for Travel West Midlands said: "We have identified the bus and driver, who has now been interviewed.

"It is clear there was a scuffle and there was little support coming from other passengers.

"We are still actively investigating the incident and will be supporting the police in their investigation."

Sher-e-Panjab Moderators Comments
There have been many such racially motivated attacks targeting the Punjabi-Sikh community and in most cases the perpetrators are usually Blacks and Muslims. The Punjabi-Sikh community need to ensure that they are reporting any such incidents to the relevant authorities and ensuring that they seek justice through campaigning and pressure groups, where they feel that little is being done by the authorities.

Sher-e-Panjab Press

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Secret Life of the Kaffur wife

Violence, Abuse & Isolation
The Secret Lives of the ‘Kaffur’ Wives to British Pakistani Men

SarabhaPanjab News

10 March 2007

Across the country many Pakistani men engage in relationships with non-Pakistani girls. The majority of these girls assume they hold a genuine long-term relationship and possibility of marriage.

In recent years it has been well documented these girlfriends are usually kept as short-term pre-marital ‘flings’. Once a family instructed arranged-marriage has been conducted these girlfriends are abandoned.

But what happens to those who are not abandoned, and do end up marrying these men?

SarabhaPanjab spoke to ‘Seema’ (real name was not disclosed)

Seema spoke about her 5-year marriage living with her ex-husband Amir and his parents in a small house in the north of England.

SarabhaPanjab: Seema, tell us about how the relationship began.

Seema: We met at college when I was 17 years old. I guess it was your typical story of girl meets boy. I fell for him straight away. He was kind, considerate and a charmer. His mates would all look after me, pick me up from college in their cars and basically looked out for me. I loved the attention, although I did often wonder if it would work due to our different religious backgrounds.
He always assured me that it will never be an issue and that we were made for each other.

SarabhaPanjab: How did the relationship progress?

Seema: Well after college Amir started working in his dads take-away and I went off to uni. I was living away from my hometown, which gave me the freedom to see him whenever I wanted. He would stay round my flat and everything seemed ok.
Into my second year of uni the relationship turned sour. He began cheating on me. I had other girls calling me saying they found my number in his mobile phone. He would show up at my flat drunk and demand sex. I felt like a toy being used. But my self-pride got the better of me, I still thought I could change him and make him into the person I first met.
He had a way with words; he always assured me that I was the only one for him when he needed me…(pause) and I always fell for it.

SarabhaPanjab: How did you get married?

Seema: I knew his parents wanted him to marry a Pakistani girl and that they were eager to seen him married. Then he went to Pakistan and when he came back he said he had been introduced to a girl. This is when reality hit home. I was about to lose the love of my life. I plucked up the courage to tell my father. My mother had passed away when I was young. I already knew how he would react. He was deeply disappointed, he told me he wanted to meet my boyfriend to see what kind of person he is. I Invited Amir to meet him, but he never did. Few months later we had a registry wedding. No one from my family attended, it was just his mates and his parents.

SarabhaPanjab: How was married life?

Seema: For 5 years I lived an isolated life. I was beaten regularly, raped and mocked by all his relations. They would call me racist names and would mock my family and their traditions.

My family didn't know about it because I was always putting up this front to cover up.
I contacted the Police on two occasions but I never had the courage to follow it up. His brothers and cousins were all told to keep a look out in case I left.

SarbhaPanjab: How did you eventually break out?

Seema: I got hold of an asian women’s refuge centre. The representative was understanding and gave me the courage to leave.

Sarabha Panjab: How is life now?

Seema: Now I work for the very centre that saved my life. I owe them everything, and I am helping other women in similar circumstances.

Seema says she sees many victims who are facing similar abuse to what she faced. Her advice;

“Young women should be educated into the possible dangers of relationships from a young age. The Hindu and Sikh community need to highlight and tackle the serious problem of ‘racial grooming’ more actively.”

SarabhaPanjab would like to thank Seema for speaking about her experiences.

SarabhaPanjab News

Friday, 9 March 2007

Your Comments - Pakistani men & their Hidden Fiances

Pakistani Men and their hidden fiancés...

Dear Sarabha Panjab,

My friend is a Turkish girl, she had a story for me and its one I have heard three times in the last 6 months...

She went out with a Pakistani man for three years. He rang her one-day and said they needed to break up because his fiancé had arrived in the country. He has since decided to get married and his parents have no idea that this girlfriend of his even existed. Her life was completely ruined.

For 3 years she suffered an abusive relationship, but every time she would try to leave, he persuaded her and sweet-talked her back.

That’s nearly as bad as this friend of mine Chan, she is Sikh and was dating a Pakistani for two years. The boys brother came round and said "Amir got married yesterday, I am so sorry". The worst bit was that he followed by mentioning to my friend that he was single and available. Unbelievable!!

Now she was Sikh so she should have known better but the Turkish girl was Muslim. I know a Bengali girl who was dumped when the guy’s parents suggested he get married, and again he didn’t have the guts to mention to mummy and daddy that he had a Bengali girlfriend.

I swear I only hear these complaints about Pakistani boys.

Pakistani boys in my area tend to have a reputation where they ‘use and abuse’ anyone who is not Pakistani then marry their cousins from Pakistan. I find this deeply upsetting as its shameful especially when you have wasted 3 years of a girl’s life.

Priya Parikh 23 Luton

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Muslims Plan to Enter Gurdwara's

Muslims Planning to enter Gurdwara’s to Convert Sikhs!
04 March 2007
Sarabha Panjab News

Members of an online Islamic forum that has over 3000 regular members and hundreds of hits per hour are planning on entering Sikh Gurdwara Sahibs in the hope to convert Sikhs to Islam.

In recent months there has been an increase in underhanded tactics employed by extremists targeting Sikhs at universities. However, the Gurdwara Sahibs have so far been free of any such extremists. One of the Gurdwara Sahib’s mentioned on the forum is Leicester.

Sarabha Panjab spoke to some youth at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara in Leicester;

“The Gurdwara Sahib is open to all, regardless of colour and faith. But if anyone wishes to enter these premises with wrong or evil intentions – we will not hesitate in kicking their ***, pardon my Panjabi!!” says Rajinder Singh.

Bibi Jasvir Kaur who regularly helps with Guru Ka Languar Sewa said,

“Its frightening to think that they would do this in a Gurdwara, we will all have to extra vigilant”

SarabhaPanjab News


Assalaamu Alaykum,
i am shortly to be moving to Leicester which has a large sikh population so have begun to examine their faith so i can give them dawah insha'allah.i believe i have found several obvious flaws that i could use to show their religion as being false and as long as my own faith is strong enough so i am not in danger do you think it would be allowable to visit the sikh temple to call them towards islam?i understand the sikhs keep a communial kitchen that only serves vegetarian food, these communial meals are supposed to be open to all of every faith. is it allowable for me to attend this and eat with them for the purposes of calling them towards islam?
Assalaamu Alaykum,
Abu Abdullah

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Sikh Parents warned over dangers from Internet Perverts

Sikh Parents Warned over dangers from Internet perverts

Sarabha Panjab News

03 March 2007

Sikh Parents are being warned of hidden dangers in Internet chat rooms and friends-networks after a teenage girl was duped into meeting a 29-year-old Muslim man.

The man had introduced himself as a 17-year-old ‘Panjabi boy’ named ‘Jags’ when they first began swapping messages on Internet site

A counsellor working for Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) Manjit Kaur spoke to the 15-year-old girl about her frightening experience that began when she met someone on the Internet.

“I thought the boy I was meeting every night on the Internet was 17-years-old.”

"After a few weeks we started talking on the phone, nearly every night for hours," said the girl.

Eventually she agreed to meet him,

“He said he would send a taxi to pick me up and that I could stay with him in his hotel room.”

It turned out the taxi driver was ‘Jags’; real name Shazad Siraj from Bedford, Beds.

The Home Office is warning that up to one in five children could be in danger from these Internet abusers.
Paedophiles are regularly using Internet chat rooms to lure vulnerable children as young as 13, according to the disturbing report.

Manjit Kaur from SAS says;

“We have seen a steady increase in the number of abuse cases originating from the Internet. Older manipulative men are targeting naïve Sikh girls.”

“In most cases these men are Muslim, which goes to show that these are racially motivated cases of sexual exploitation. We urge all Sikh parents to lock down certain sites and keep the computer in a centrally located area; such as the living room.”

Manjit Kaur is working with the SAS Victim Rehabilitation Program and has given counselling to over 40 victims of racially motivated sexual exploitation.

“It is disappointing to see that the Sikh community at large is still unaware about these problems. This is largely due to the fact that these issues are still very much taboo in Panjabi culture. Therefore Sikh leaders are reluctant to openly talk about them” say Manjit Kaur.

Warning signs

How can you tell that your child may be a victim (or is being preyed upon) by a computer sex offender? If you have experienced any of the following, you have reason for concern.

Spending long hours online (especially in the evening)
Phone calls from people you don't know
Unsolicited gifts
Child turns off the computer when you enter the room
Withdrawal from family activities
Reluctance to discuss Internet activities

Affected by issues discussed? Contact

Muslims Blackmail Sikh Women

Muslims accused of blackmail to make student girls convert
From The Times
March 03, 2007

Nicola Woolcock

Radical Muslims are being accused of blackmailing young Hindu and Sikh women into changing religion in “groomed conversions” on campuses.

The men aggressively target vulnerable university students by using the fear of being dishonoured to force them to convert, community leaders have told The Times. Many befriend their victims, then threaten to tell their families that they are in a sexual relationship with a Muslim. Some teenagers are said to have been drugged and photographed in compromising positions.

Many comply because they are so afraid of shaming their parents or being rejected by their communities.

Police are aware of the problem. Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, recently attended a Hindu conference where the issue was raised. But police are powerless to act unless incidents are reported. This rarely happens because the stigma of a child converting to Islam often silences Sikh and Hindu parents.
Community elders say that the practice is widespread but their estimates vary from 100 annual incidents nationwide to 120 in the past few months in the South East alone.

Ranjeet Singh, of the British Organisation of Sikh Students, said: “There are cases of aggressive techniques, of drugging and of rape, of the man taking photos and blackmailing the girls into converting.

“They know that by dishonouring the girls, they will make their families disown them. In the past few months there have been about 120 cases in Luton and the South East. It’s a problem that has been going on for a while, but a lot of people are reluctant to come forward and there’s not much being done.

“It’s not the whole Muslim community, it’s extremist individuals. Some girls are very innocent and vulnerable when they go to university. Then they are befriended by these men. We know of some whose lives have been ruined.”
Some of the young women have suffered physical violence. Others have said that the men claimed to have been paid to convert their victims.

Ramesh Kallidai, secretary-general of the Hindu Forum of Britain, said: “The main problem is these girls feel very vulnerable and intimidated by these men. They talk about it to their friends, who tell us what is happening, but don’t want to speak to the police. Some families are completely broken apart by it. It becomes difficult to admit in public.

“One girl was beaten up when she refused to convert. She is petrified. She only spoke to one other girl about it, who contacted us.”

One Sikh organisation sets up telephone helplines and arranges visits to temples to raise awareness of the problem. Its leader, who wishes his identity and the group’s to remain anonymous, said: “This is very much taboo. These issues have been going on for many years and come to the boil at university.

“I deal with many very serious cases. There are horrific examples of abuse and blackmail, with men saying they’re going to tell the girl’s parents. Then they’re pretty much trapped. We call it groomed conversions. Some of the girls go through with it because they feel they have no choice.

“The men start a relationship with them, with the agenda of conversion down the line. Sometimes they take a picture of her in a compromising position. It’s so easy with camera phones. An 18-year-old girl ends up in a situation that she can’t control.”

He said that the extremists were exploiting the Sikh community’s tendency to treat conversion as a grave dishonour, adding: “That’s a cultural mindset we need to tackle. It’s the worst thing you could face — worse than bankruptcy or losing your job.”A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman confirmed that officers had attended a Hindu security conference last month. She said: “We are aware of it as an issue that concerns the Hindu community but are not aware, without further research, of any specific incidents reported to police. We would encourage anyone who has been targeted in this way to seek help.”

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Hate-preaching at London School of Pharmarcy

Sikh Youth Stop Extremist Muslim Preaching

Sarabha Panjab Youth News
Thursday 01 March 2007

A peaceful protest by Sikh youth stopped an extremist Islamic seminar taking place at London School of Pharmacy today.

Up to 80 Sikh youth protested against the hate filled lecture in which the concepts and philosophy of Sikhism are ridiculed, undermined, misinterpreted and misquoted in the hope to ‘brain wash’ innocent Sikh students into an extreme form of Islam. The organisers cancelled the seminar at London School of Pharmacy but are known to be holding them secretly at other universities.

A member of London student Sikh Society said,

“Students are feeling uneasy and uncomfortable, the whole situation is creating racial tensions. The universities should carefully monitor who they allow in to present these talks”

The conversion tactics of these extremists resembles a group called Al-Muhajiroun, which is currently underground in the UK. In previous years the group organised similar large events wherein previous non-Muslims would criticise and denounce their faith and exclaim why they embraced extreme Islam.

Do you know of any hate preaching against Sikhism?


In loving memory of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Revolutionist Kartar Singh Sarabha, was just nineteen years old when he became a Shaheed in the name of freedom and justice. He appeared like a storm, ignited the flame of revolution and tried to wake up a sleeping Panjab. Such courage, self-confidence, and dedication is rarely found. Of the Panjabis who can be called revolutionaries in true sense of the word, Kartar Singh's name comes at the top.
Revolution lived in his veins. There was only one aim of his life, only one desire, and only one hope - all that held meaning in his life was revolution.