Thursday, 1 March 2007

Hate-preaching at London School of Pharmarcy

Sikh Youth Stop Extremist Muslim Preaching

Sarabha Panjab Youth News
Thursday 01 March 2007

A peaceful protest by Sikh youth stopped an extremist Islamic seminar taking place at London School of Pharmacy today.

Up to 80 Sikh youth protested against the hate filled lecture in which the concepts and philosophy of Sikhism are ridiculed, undermined, misinterpreted and misquoted in the hope to ‘brain wash’ innocent Sikh students into an extreme form of Islam. The organisers cancelled the seminar at London School of Pharmacy but are known to be holding them secretly at other universities.

A member of London student Sikh Society said,

“Students are feeling uneasy and uncomfortable, the whole situation is creating racial tensions. The universities should carefully monitor who they allow in to present these talks”

The conversion tactics of these extremists resembles a group called Al-Muhajiroun, which is currently underground in the UK. In previous years the group organised similar large events wherein previous non-Muslims would criticise and denounce their faith and exclaim why they embraced extreme Islam.

Do you know of any hate preaching against Sikhism?


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