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Panjabi Girls Groomed for Sex

Panjabi Girls Groomed for Sex!
Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation

Sarabha Panjab News
26 March 2007

The grooming of Panjabi girls for sex by predatory Muslim men is an increasing problem for the Panjabi community, with this vile practise taking place throughout towns and cities across Britain.

According to Hindu and Sikh Support groups and community leaders, girls as young as 13 have been targeted by gangs of mainly Pakistani-Muslim men. These men initially engage in seemingly innocent relationships with ‘Kuffr’ girls (non-Muslim). These girls are showered in attention and lured with gifts, drinks and cigarettes.

“The process is very common,” says Miss Patel, a youth counsellor working within the Hindu community,

“It starts with young lads who roam outside colleges and schools in fancy cars. Once relationships are formed with these girls, the abuse begins.
They introduce the girls to drink and drugs. ‘Date-Rape’ drug (GHB) is also widely used.
Nude pictures are taken and then the girl is told that these pictures will be shown to her parents if she does not obey they’re orders.
We have known girls passed for sex to the boys uncles and cousins, even through Taxi ranks!”

Looking outside of the Indian community, the grooming of white girls for prostitution by Muslim Gangs has been previously highlighted.

Lancashire Police revealed in 2006 that, around 50 East Lancashire victims aged under 16 had been identified by special police and social services teams set up to combat the menace but they believe as many as 100 could be involved.
Despite all the victims being white and the perpetrators from Muslim Pakistani community Lancashire Police denied this was a “racist issue”. Supt Neil Smith said:
"This is not a racist issue. It is about the exploitation of vulnerable young girls for sex."

Sarabha Panjab Investigates Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation

With increasing cases of ‘Racially-Motivated Sexual-Exploitation’ by Muslim gangs in the UK, what motivates these men to commit such vile acts?

Sarabha Panjab investigated some of the Hate-preaching that takes place in some extremist Madrasa’s (Islamic learning centres) across the country.

“In Islam, keeping the virginity is the highest asset that a Muslim woman could possess. There is no sin as despicable as that of losing the virginity before a woman is married. For men it is a different story altogether. It is encouraged for unmarried Muslim men to be engaged in sex with Kuffr and infidel women but not with free Muslim women”

As explained by ‘Ali’ an ex-Muslim who witnessed Hate-Preaching at an East London Madrasa.

Surat Al-Nisa 4:3:

“The above mentioned verse also permits the Muslim to have sex with his slave girls, which the Quran call "that which your right hand possess”

Islam allows four wives at the same time and an unlimited number of concubines (mistresses) Emperor Jehangir of India had one wife (Nur Jehan) and 6000 concubines. Concubines are ‘kuffr’ women or girls, strictly used for sex.

‘Al-Taqiyya’ literally means: Concealing or disguising one's beliefs, convictions, ideas or feelings.

It is based on Qur'an verses 3:28 and 16:106 as well as hadith, tafsir literature, and juridical commentaries

“Muslims can apply ‘Al Taqqiya’ to relationships, therefore it is permissible to lie to a woman to persuade her, make her feel good or keep her quiet. It is permissible in Islam that Taqqiya can be used to allow a Muslim to gain any advantage over a Kuffr”

“It allows Muslims to say things like ‘I Love you’, ‘You are so Beautiful’ to form relationships, with the intention to keep them as concubines or convert them down the line”

Human Misery

The human misery inflicted by Racially-Motivated sexual grooming was reported in the Evening Telegraph by the mother of one 15-year-old who has been recruited into prostitution spoke out after her daughter took an overdose to try and escape the circle.

The mum, who lives in the Grimshaw Park area of Blackburn, said despite fears over her own and her daughter, she felt compelled to try and safeguard other children in the area from "sexual predators."

She said: "I fear my daughter is going to end up either a drug addict, gang raped, infected with HIV or even worse killed. Her life means nothing to these people."

This problem is massive in the Blackburn area and the parent of every teenage girl must be told what is going on.

"I feel hopeless. She is inundated with calls throughout the night from people not only across Blackburn but as far away as Bradford and Manchester and when I've answered and pretended to be her the things they have said to me have been disgusting."

Video: Victims Speak out!!


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It is really a shocking news that the most couragious community's girls are exploited by the "World Virus". We should take a drastic step to protect and fight against the "virus" community. They are the whole world's Enemy.

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In loving memory of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Revolutionist Kartar Singh Sarabha, was just nineteen years old when he became a Shaheed in the name of freedom and justice. He appeared like a storm, ignited the flame of revolution and tried to wake up a sleeping Panjab. Such courage, self-confidence, and dedication is rarely found. Of the Panjabis who can be called revolutionaries in true sense of the word, Kartar Singh's name comes at the top.
Revolution lived in his veins. There was only one aim of his life, only one desire, and only one hope - all that held meaning in his life was revolution.