Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Black Youth Attack Sikh Girl

Black Youths Racially Attack Punjabi-Sikh Student

Sher-e-Panjab Press

Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007

A young Punjabi-Sikh student who was racially attacked by a mob of girls on a bus recently accused the driver and other passengers of turning a blind eye to her ordeal.

Ramanpreet Kaur Bhalla said her pleas for help were ignored as she was left at the mercy of the teenage racist thugs who dragged her from the vehicle and laid into her.

The 19-year-old student said the experience had "shattered her faith in humanity" and left her scared to travel on public transport.

Travel chiefs promised an urgent investigation. Footage from on-board CCTV cameras has been recovered and handed to police.

The incident has raised the issue about whether members of the public should step in to help fellow citizens defend themselves from violence, over recent months there have been many such attacks on members of the Punjabi-Sikh community.

Ramanpreet said: "I was so shocked no-one wanted to help me. They could all see what was happening to me but stood by and did nothing.
"We're all human and should help each other out."

She added: "Because of what happened, I can't go back on the bus any more."
The A-Level student, who plans to study psychology, was travelling home on the number 11 bus when the attack happened.

She said a gang of eight black girls started causing trouble with other passengers, forcing the driver to stop the bus at the Greenhill Road junction on Rookery Road, Handsworth, Birmingham.

As Ramanpreet joined passengers to get off the bus the gangs of girls barged into her.

"One of them spat in my face," said Ramanpreet, who lives in Handsworth with her parents.

"They grabbed my hair and dragged me off the bus and onto the pavement. They kicked me and slapped me.

"I was scared. They were in a group and I was on my own. No one did anything to help me, I couldn't believe it.

"They could have had a knife. I could have been stabbed. "I was shouting 'Help, please, someone help me'. But the bus driver and passengers just stood there. No one lifted a finger."

The gang eventually fled with Ramanpreet's purse containing cash and valuables.

A spokesman for Travel West Midlands said: "We have identified the bus and driver, who has now been interviewed.

"It is clear there was a scuffle and there was little support coming from other passengers.

"We are still actively investigating the incident and will be supporting the police in their investigation."

Sher-e-Panjab Moderators Comments
There have been many such racially motivated attacks targeting the Punjabi-Sikh community and in most cases the perpetrators are usually Blacks and Muslims. The Punjabi-Sikh community need to ensure that they are reporting any such incidents to the relevant authorities and ensuring that they seek justice through campaigning and pressure groups, where they feel that little is being done by the authorities.

Sher-e-Panjab Press


sikhi mafia said...

you gotta stand your ground againsts blacks and muslims, don't be afraid, i understand u was on ur own, as for the passengers on the bus they are just p***y's, be proud of what u are and show dem wat we are about!!!!
Take shit from no one!

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear this, I would just like to say that don't be afarid from anyone and Guru Gobind Singh ji has given us the permission to defend our selve and he made us strong.

I was attacked alot of time's in school and than one day when I was attacked for the second time than I was very angry and I had to do something about it becasue the teacher's and the police were doing nothing about it, so I read our beautiful Sikh history which really made me very strong and where I read that one Sikh can take a million at the same time with the blessing's of WAHEGURU JI (GOD).


Anonymous said...

bhenjodeya and where i come you smelly halal eating inbreed muslims get a beating every other day, hence i say every other day the reason being you lot are so illiterate and dense in the brain even after a beating you come back for more, you will never be soldiers like us even the white people recognise our sikh regiment being one of the most feared in the world not with your stupid homemade bombs (does not make you warriors) bring it and the lion will rise and you will see the immense power of sikhi.

Anonymous said...

im rlly sorry to hear that. i think u handled it the best u cud rlly..theres nothing else that u cud of done..i think if there was sum young apne around they wud of helped u...i kno for a fact if i was there i wudda helped u...i cud never see sumat like that happen to a sister. its jus shows that everyone looks out for themselves these rlly gets to me when people dnt stand up for each other..where i come from this happens alot..and sikhs dnt stand up for sikhs at all ur sister im proud of u that u got thru that...jus show them wot sikhs are about!

mansi said...

sikhi mafia, 4 your information i am black and muslim and i also happen to be her best friend, so not all blacks and muslims are bad , may be if u were clever enough you would known that

KS Parmar said...

whats goin on hansdworth is of the sikhs strongholds in england cant believe there werent any sikhs around that area that could have helped her cause obviously all the other coloured pricks were jus watchin

ajay said...

please don't be a racist. all blacks are not criminals.they deserve a place in this world to live in. as the new gloge controller is a black man mr.obama.

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