Friday, 9 March 2007

Your Comments - Pakistani men & their Hidden Fiances

Pakistani Men and their hidden fiancés...

Dear Sarabha Panjab,

My friend is a Turkish girl, she had a story for me and its one I have heard three times in the last 6 months...

She went out with a Pakistani man for three years. He rang her one-day and said they needed to break up because his fiancé had arrived in the country. He has since decided to get married and his parents have no idea that this girlfriend of his even existed. Her life was completely ruined.

For 3 years she suffered an abusive relationship, but every time she would try to leave, he persuaded her and sweet-talked her back.

That’s nearly as bad as this friend of mine Chan, she is Sikh and was dating a Pakistani for two years. The boys brother came round and said "Amir got married yesterday, I am so sorry". The worst bit was that he followed by mentioning to my friend that he was single and available. Unbelievable!!

Now she was Sikh so she should have known better but the Turkish girl was Muslim. I know a Bengali girl who was dumped when the guy’s parents suggested he get married, and again he didn’t have the guts to mention to mummy and daddy that he had a Bengali girlfriend.

I swear I only hear these complaints about Pakistani boys.

Pakistani boys in my area tend to have a reputation where they ‘use and abuse’ anyone who is not Pakistani then marry their cousins from Pakistan. I find this deeply upsetting as its shameful especially when you have wasted 3 years of a girl’s life.

Priya Parikh 23 Luton


Anonymous said...

this story is soooo typical. Happened to my friend. good site. Even though I am not a punjabi I learnt alot. thank you


Anonymous said...

omg stupid dumb bastard men haramdi kuti kaminee.. i know i know. it is true i have heard this happen but surely girls shud know where they stand after abit.. but i am so totally with u on wasting 3 yrs of ur life!! man wot a blleding ass hole he was, i am a pakistani girl but have ended up with arabs/eauropean men myself, muslim of course, so mayb there is a reason for this for me hey..;)

Anonymous said...

I am white and christian and my husband is Pakistani muslim. People out of love told me to be careful he might go back to Pakistan and marry who his parents have chosen for him. We finally got married recently after 5 years. He fought his family when they tried to arrange marriage him. It takes a strong pakistani to do what he wants and not be dictated by his family. On my wedding day he told some of my friends and family that he is marrying me and that it was my day and that everything that he was doing was for me. I feel bad for people giving pakistani men a bad rep but their are still some pure pakistani men out there who believe in love and standing up for themselves.

saira said...

pakistani mens are dumbs..i dont like them.

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