Thursday, 22 February 2007

West Bromwich racist attack

Sikh Boys Attacked by 20 Strong Muslim Gang!

25th February 2007

A YOUNG man has been critically wounded, after being attacked on Saturday evening by a gang of Muslim men, in West Bromwich.

Three young Sikh left the Guru Har Rai Gurdwara where they regularly attend the Sikh Naujawan Academy (SNA).

“The three boys left the Gurdwara, one of them went into the local shop while two of them waited outside” said Sukhdev Singh, from SNA.
“they are all very decent boys, last year they ran a summer camp. There was no reason for this gang to attack them”

“The young man who has been hospitalised has no personal vendettas, he was badly beaten and today he is under going surgery”

The boys walked from the Gurdwara to the local shops in The Parade, West Bromwich, the attack happened outside the newsagents Premier.

“The attack was brutal, one of the two people hurt has his mouth smashed with a metal bar, he has lost his teeth and gums, he cannot eat or talk properly” said Manjit Singh from 5 K’s Foundation in Oldbury, Birmingham.

“He is such a lovely person who I have known for three years, he does Kirtan, and is a very supportive person”

“The other person attacked is badly bruised, but thankfully he is not hospitalised”
“This type of attack leaves the community very venerable. We are calling for calm, but dialogue amongst the community leaders is paramount”

The 5 K’s Foundation has a relationship with other communities in the area “We work with other communities to build a cohesive relationship, but there are some individuals that have different agenda” said Baljit Singh, Manager of 5 K’s foundation.

“The nature of this attack does allege that it may have a racial motive, given that 20 Muslim Youths attacked three unarmed Sikh youths”

“We are working with the police and maintaining calm. We understand some youth have been arrested and are in police custody”

West Midlands police have confirmed “We are investigating an insistent that occurred on Saturday afternoon, in West Bromwich, in which two youths were injured. One seventeen, the injuries are not life threatening the other sixteen who incurred minor injuries”

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