Friday, 6 April 2007

Leeds Sikh Leader Attacked

Sikh Leader Acid Attacked!

Sarabha Panjab News

6 April 2007

A Sikh community leader could lose his vision after an assailant threw corrosive chemicals on his face.
Assistant general secretary of the Sikh gurdwara in Leeds, Amarjit Singh Uppal, 49, is in hospital undergoing treatment for burns but it is feared that the damage could result in permanent blindness.
Uppal was attacked as he arrived at his house in Moortown in Leeds Tuesday.
While the motive for the attack is not known, police believe Uppal was the intended target, Yorkshire Post reported.
“This is a nasty attack and the victim may be permanently blinded. The victim is a family man who is not known to the police in any way. It is a horrendous attack. The injuries are serious and catastrophic for his and his family’s life,” said Detective Inspector Adrian Taylor.
Police are conducting fingerprint searches around Uppal’s house and said the suspect was a black who ran away after the attack.
Neighbours described Uppal, father of four children, as a quiet and respectable family man.
“It’s a horrendous attack. I have no idea at all why someone would do this to him,” said a neighbour.
Sarabha Panjab:
Sardar Amerjit Singh Uppal has whole-heartedly opposed the use of Leeds Gurdwara complex for anti-Gurmat practises. He stood against those leaders (massands) who have booked Leeds Gurdwara complex for parties where meat, alchohol and tabacco have been consumed, a practise against the 'Sikh Gurdwara Code of Conduct'.
We are all saddened by this cowardly attack, our thoughts and prayers are with him.

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Anonymous said...

biggggggggg up to these boyz......jus let u kno that the whole Sikh community is proud of you, just wish that there were more young Sikh men like yourself.......keep doin your thing and Waheguru will bless you...WJKK WJKF

In loving memory of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Revolutionist Kartar Singh Sarabha, was just nineteen years old when he became a Shaheed in the name of freedom and justice. He appeared like a storm, ignited the flame of revolution and tried to wake up a sleeping Panjab. Such courage, self-confidence, and dedication is rarely found. Of the Panjabis who can be called revolutionaries in true sense of the word, Kartar Singh's name comes at the top.
Revolution lived in his veins. There was only one aim of his life, only one desire, and only one hope - all that held meaning in his life was revolution.