Thursday, 26 January 2006

Race hate fear over attacks on Sikhs

Race hate fear over attacks on Sikhs

By Nick Britten
Telegraph Media Group

POLICE and community leaders say they are struggling to contain racial tensions in Derby after a young Sikh was badly hurt when ambushed by a gang of Muslims carrying hammers and crowbars.

Harjit Singh Sandhu, 22, was in hospital with a broken leg, ankle and nose and cuts to his face and head after being attacked for 20 minutes in the Normanton area on Monday.

About 50 Sikh youths went on to the streets to protest at the rising number of assaults by Muslim youths, but were dispersed by police. A fortnight ago Rhadika Shukla, 15, suffered a fractured skull when a Muslim gang rampaged through her school, attacking pupils and staff with hammers and axes and smashing windows.

A group called the Youth Muslims Organisation has been seen stirring trouble and gangs have been spotted roaming the streets chanting Osama bin Laden's name since September 11. The authorities fear an explosion of violence as Sikhs and Hindus retaliate.

Harninder Singh, a close friend of Mr Sandhu, said: "It was a totally unprovoked attack and the worst thing was he ran into a few Muslim shops for help and received none. When they had finished he was absolutely covered in blood. I was with him last Wednesday when Muslim lads mounted the pavement and tried to run him over."

As appeals went out for calm, Gurmel Bolla, the vice-president of the Sikh temple in Derby, said community leaders were trying to keep a lid on the simmering violence, but were struggling. An emergency steering group has been convened for the communities, the police and the local council.

Police said: "Community leaders are doing everything they can." Two men had been arrested and were being questioned about the assault on Mr Sandhu, they added.
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indian said...

Unfotunately our sikh brothers are victims right from the mughal rule they sacrificed everything to protect indian women, children from invaders. All indians should stop reading the hijacked history lessons of NCERT portraying akbas as great ingnoring legends like shivaji, prithviraj chauhan, 10 great sikh gurus. All indians should support our sikh brothers bcoz they r with us for our protection during all atrocities against us. So all hindus should support our sikh brothers and their protection is of paramount importance. Jai hind :-)

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