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British Indian girls working in Pakistan Brothels

Indian girls tricked into prostitution

South Asia News Agency SANA
03 October 2006

Lahore Pakistan - Gullible young girls from as far as the Middle East, India and UK are being forced into prostitution after being lured by organised syndicates promising them glamorous careers and lucrative jobs, a humans rights group has said.

“Some are the girlfriends of these men, such as the cases we have had from the UK. These girls think they are going on holiday or honeymoon to visit his friends and family”

"The situation is extremely serious with smart operators hunting for good looking young girls for modelling assignments or jobs in call centres with good salaries," said Hasina Kharbih, chairperson of Impulse NGO Network, a rights group working in rescuing women trafficked.
"But in reality, many of these women were pushed into the notorious world of prostitution."

Impulse activists recently rescued at least four young girls from Lahores ‘Heera Mandi’ district. "The girls were Hindus from Northeast India and were lured by agents who promised them good modelling roles and handsomely paid jobs in call centres," Kharbih says.

"We were told by these rescued girls that there were more women from the northeast in the flesh trade racket who were trapped with such baits."

A new craze for careers in modelling among teenagers in India', spurred by television and newspaper advertisements, is being cited as reasons for traffickers wooing unsuspecting Indian girls into their net.

The Story of a British Panjabi girl who was tricked into prostitution

My story started when I was 16 years old living in Handsworth, we had just finished our last GCSE exams. To celebrate, we all decided to go to a bhangra gig during the day, as we knew we would not have been allowed to go in the night. There were 4 of us, best of friends, we decided to go, although we knew we would get into trouble if are parents found out, but we thought that we "only live once" and as it was a special occasion, so we went.

This was the first time any one of us had done something like this, it was an experience.

When we got there we could not believe how many people our age were there from all over Birmingham, all Asian! I was shocked more than my friends, there were people drunk, boys/girls smoking, this was the new generation of Asians enjoying the western world freedoms. I remember saying to my friends, "We need to stick together, no matter what happens", we honestly did not know what was going to happen once we were inside.

Once we got in, they were playing some old bhangra tune? The whole place was packed with "apnaay". Everyone was just so chilled out, it was unbelievable. We got to a side of the club, and just stood there staring at every one dancing and flirting. About an hour later, we were approached by this really nice looking guy, came over to my mate and started chatting, we then noticed the "Kara" on his arm so we assumed it was ok to chat to him, his name was "Mick". We were then introduced to his mates, all of them were really smart and good looking. And we were enjoying this mingling with boys for the first time, we felt both scared and excited, because we had never done this before.

They brought us drinks, and encouraged us to have some alcohol, something we all strongly at that time refused, but once we paired up and went our separate ways everything changed (I never saw my friends again until a couple hours later, dancing with some strangers, and they were not themselves. I could not believe it, they were drunk! We justified dancing the way we were as we always danced at wedding parties.) I went over to them to see what had happened, they totally ignored me and encouraged me to drink which I then did. My dad would drink a lot so I assumed it be ok).

We left the club at the end, it was about 4 o' clock, I remember thinking how the hell are we going to get home? We were giggling, And we were late and drunk. I knew my gran would, phone my mum at work if I did not get home in the next 20mins, (I was normally home about 3:50pm, and it was already ten past four, I was in the middle of Birmingham City centre, 40mins away from home by bus!! I was so scared, I knew I was going to get into serious trouble once I got home, and I smelt strongly of smoke and alcohol. My dad was going to kill me. We did not know what to do? Then the guys, who we were dancing in the club, came over and asked us if we were alright? or if we needed anything?, i.e. a lift home, because we were so desperate, we said yes.

They dropped us home, we exchanged numbers and they went. I got slapped that day, my dad went absolutely mad, because I had lied, went to a club, danced with boys and got drunk! The whole family was really upset. I remember thinking I will never do anything like this again. My friends got the same treatment.
It was not until a couple of weeks later, that some one kept ringing my house number, anonymous caller, and my gran, bless her, would go over to answer the phone, but no reply. Then one day, as my gran was cooking my roti, the phone rang and I answered, it was that guy from the club. I didn't know what to do. I was scared and yet anxious to what might happen. He wanted us to meet up again, he wanted to know how we were? This was going to be my first relationship. I got to know "Abs" over the next couple of months, we would arrange, the best times for him to call me, it was exciting, no one knew about him, I felt needed and loved. He was 18 at the time, and I had just turned 16. He drove a really nice car and worked for his uncle, in I.T.

It got to a stage were we would meet up in the middle of the night, I would sneak out of my house, he would pick me up at the bottom of my street, and we would go everywhere together. I was loving every minute of it and every time we would not see each other, I felt like dying, I was truly in love with him. I did notice that he was not Punjabi, he dressed different to normal Punjabi boys that age, and he didn't drink and smoke. He knew a lot of Muslims, but I decide to ignore that fact, as I was having the time of my life.

I had a funny feeling he was Muslim, but he wore a Kara? and I never had the courage to ask him, because I didn’t want to ruin anything between us. But finally that day came when he revealed that he must go to the mosque, I was taken back, I didn’t know how to respond, my boyfriend was a Muslim, and I loved him too much to let him go. I asked him about his name, his nickname was Abs. he had told me his name was Harbinder, but in fact his name was Yasseen.

This was a distressing situation, he had lied to me and led me on to believe he was Sikh, but was in fact a Muslim. I confronted him, I asked him, you knew I was a Sikh, then why did you get into this relationship with me? He answered my question with a question, does it matter? And I remember replying "No" after a few minutes, I thought to myself he's not your typical Muslim, and he has treated me with respect.

It was a hard time, I felt like breaking up with him, he was a Muslim, it wouldn't work? But I could not help it, he loved me, I loved him, and I kept reminding myself, he was different, and all those good times we had during the start of our relationship.

So we decided to give it a shot, (what fool I was), we would spend a lot of time together, he got me job at his uncle’s firm, they all treated me with respect although I was a Sikh, and all of them were Muslim, they were so nice to me. I felt wanted and at home with me boyfriends family.
We saw each other for over 2 year's (all through collage) and then came the time for me to leave my home and go to university, I went out of town a good few hours away, I wanted to live as far as away from my family as possible, as they were the obstacle, in my life from him. I had stopped wearing my Kara and my gold khanda necklace. I also stopped going to the Gurdwara, because I did not want to offend him, and I would use that time instead to be with him. I loved him and would do anything for him, anything.

At university. Things got a bit serious, I lived in halls first, but everyone would look at me and call me names to my face and behind my back, they even trashed my flat twice!! All because I was going out with a Muslim, I would try to explain to them, he was different and he loved me, they would not have none of it, I felt so bad, he had to go through a lot because of me. This was a really bad experience for me, and I felt vulnerable and weak. Things started to change a lot during the first few weeks at my university.

I quit uni, and moved into a flat with him, he got me another job, and again his cousin helped us financially. I never told my parents that I had done this, they would phone me, I would say everything was going excellent, and I would lie to them.

During this time, I started to stop going home, I would say that I had too much uni work to do, and so I couldn’t come home. Then, I stopped answering my phone from my family and friends, because I knew all they would say is to stop seeing him, and come home etc. so I changed my number, that's not the only thing I changed, a few months later I changed my name!

We were happy together, we were in love, we were made for each other!! A few months later I even changed my faith, I became a Muslim, I was happy then to finally be apart of something that was so great, everyone loved me, and I was finally at home and peace. Islam then offered everything to me, it made sense and was the truth, Sikhism had to many flaws in it, or that is what I was told, and I believed everything he said, it all made sense, Sikhism was a man-made religion, it believed in caste (we had Gurdwara made on caste) we would make our women dance half naked on bhangra video's, while Islam would teach us to cover the women because she is so precious, like an diamond. I was duped, I knew nothing about Sikhism, my parents never told me, and I never learnt anything at the Gurdwara, never understood what the Granthi's were saying. And as a result I believed everything he told me.

We then decided to get married, but he said we should go to Pakistan to that, because his sisters were there, and they were all dying to meet me! So I agreed, we went. The year was 1994, I was 19 years old.

What I am about to tell you now, is the most disturbing part of my life, I have had to receive medical treatment from Doctor's on a regular basis for a long period, due to this. I would like to say something before I continue, what I am about to tell you, is no exaggeration in any way, this is exactly how it happened, and the metropolitan police are well aware of it.

Whilst I was on the flight over to Pakistan, I was so excited, I was finally going to get married to the love of my Life, I never thought about my family or friends, as I had everything I ever needed through him. And because I was taught to believe that they were the devil, they will take me to hell, and I did not want to go there.

When we reached Pakistan, there were a few people there to greet us, I had worn the hi-jab, as a sign of respect to my new in-laws and faith. They were so happy to see me. We were then herded into a 4x4, and then of we went to meet the rest of Yasseen's family.

We were driving for a few hours, and I was absolutely worn out. We then stopped at what seemed to be a police station or the local sheriff's office, the luggage was taken out of the jeep, and these men came and took the luggage away, Yasseen came over and took my personal belongings, everything, my passport, money even my toothbrush, he said the police wanted to check our things, in case we were smuggling drugs, I remember laughing at first, but when I looked at his face, he was deadly serious, I gave him everything and then I was taken to a room, where I was told to wait. They asked Yasseen questions.

It seemed like ages, while I waited in that room, on my own. I was getting very worried for Yasseen. During this time, two more cars and a jeep had come to this police station. Finally, a middle aged man came over and started to ask me personal questions. I had trouble understanding what he was saying, he spoke so fast, in Urdu. I kept asking him to take me to Yasseen. He said "Yasseen has gone", those three words stopped my heart beating, I was alone in a remote village in Pakistan, with no belongings and locked up a room. I did not know what to think? What was happening? This was not supposed to happen? Where had Yasseen gone? I cried, and pleaded with the men there to take me to Lahore, they would simply laugh at me and beat me.

For a few days, I did not eat or sleep, I was disorientated, and I did not know what to do? I became ill, I was very weak, a doctor was called, he gave me some medicine, with which all I did was sleep. The next thing I remember was, when I woke up in a room, with a small barred window, and a small door. This door was locked from the outside, I started to scream, a women cam rushing over. I was relieved for a moment that women had come over to my aid, until she started to shout at me and curse me. I didn't know what was going on. I just sat there in that small, cold room, with blank mind.

By now I had realized, I was not going home and Yasseen was not coming to my rescue. The building I stayed at was 3 storeys, and was very big. It must have had more than 30 rooms. It was the only building there, there was nothing anywhere around this building, just fields and 1 tarmac road. It was a brothel.

I was not alone there were 3 other girls (Sikh) that were in the same situation as me. We were all kept on the top floor, we were all given one room each. The other girls had been there longer than me, we would get a chance to speak during the night. They told me of their stories and how they got here, they sounded familiar. It would be very cold during the night. They told me, on the 3rd day, what happens here. This where, the locals came to enjoy themselves. I was very frightened.

This is where they would come to quench their desires. I remember how they treated us, they would treat us like animals, they would rape us, and then spit on our faces after they were done. It was a living nightmare, with no escape.

I spent 15 months here, over that period of time, I have seen 36 more girls been brought here, I have some commit suicide and some taken away by rich businessmen who would use them in their own brothels. I saw and lived in HELL, I saw young girls being raped, I herd the screams of these girls and their frustration, that no one would help them. I saw this with my own eyes, and no-one ever helped us.

A time came when me and another girl, got the opportunity to escape, we had been taken to a local tribesman’s house, a fight had broken out, in his house, the confusion gave us an opportunity to escape, we took a jeep, and set out on the roads, we didn’t know where we were going, we just went, where ever the road took us. We got close to a town Called Eminabad, here we informed the police of what had happened to us, they helped us, we were handed over to the British embassy and sent back to the UK.

Once back in the UK, the police tried to hand us back to our families, OUR OWN families had disowned us, my family told me to go away, that I had brought shame to the family name, I tried to apologise, and they would not accept it. I even tried to get help form the Gurdwara, they said they could not help us. We had to go back to the police, who then put us in a witness protection programme. The year is 1996, I was then 21.

We both were given a new chance to start a fresh, the police helped us a great deal. In the programme we were given a place to stay and they gave us new jobs, to rebuild our lives.

I am now 29, married and have a 3 year old girl. I re-initiated into Sikhism in 1998, me and my friend, we took Amrit and took an active role to combat what had happened to us and help others in the same situation.

There is not a single second that goes by, without me thinking about those poor girls locked up in Pakistan. I have been scared for life. But I must do everything I can to try to create awareness to help those girls that scream every night and go through that abuse. I am thankful to the Police who are trying to help those girls, but I think we as a community need to do much more.

We must come out of hiding, and face the danger these girls now face. But what we find is a really negative attitude employed by all parties, the families, Gurdwara and the girls, to do anything about this. I know what happened to me and what is still happening to those that are in Pakistan.

Accordingly to the latest figures, there are 300 girls there right now, facing constant abuse, who are getting drugged up everyday and then raped. One of them is your relative!! Just keep that I mind, your cousin who you have not seen for over 3 years, went to university and never came back!

Brothels In Pakistan where UK Indian girls have ended up

When you ask your uncle and auntie, where is your cousin who you nor your family have seen for so long, you get the reply, that she has brought a house there and she has found herself a good job, and so she is constantly busy. I beg you please stop these lies, please help my sisters' in Pakistan, who no-one helps, their families are too scared, or they don't know where she is?

We must put a stop to this, I saw what is happening there, believe me, I do not even wish this to happen my enemies, when you see a young girl being raped by savages, who beat her and then spit on her.

Those girls need your help!


Anonymous said...

I m sorry to hear about your story and feel bad for the girls who had to and have to go through this but its funny how you ended your article by saying how your own family and the gurudwara turned away from you and somehow that was way wrong. Was it their fault that you went and did opposite of everything they told you. Is it their fault that they warned you over and over again that this would happen and you still did it. Should they be blamed for thinking that you were so much smarter and wiser than them eventhough they were 4 times your age and had experienced much more in life than you had. I dont think that its their fault for turning away from you when you had abandoned them in the first place. For this situation there is noone to blame but YOU and only YOU. Hope fully you can keep other from making the same mistake but please dont expect anyone to feel bad for your story. Its funny how bad of a track muslim guys have in UK for doing this sorta thing but you still keep on falling for them. Hey guess what Ive heard stories about people falling off 15 story buildings and surviving, only about 2 percent of them, maybe your should give that a shot as well. I dont even let my best frinds who are muslims let near my relatives, because even they have this in mind. God bless.

Anonymous said...

firstly it is your fault and your fault only that you had disobeyed your own flesh and blood. how can you even think about loving a muslim and trusting him for anythink. this is the thing, that sikh girls in the UK espically are attracted to muslims because of their looks or the way they there lifestyle. the point is sikh girls should think twice about this. they know that these things are happening. and are going to happen. someone will put a stop to this, only time will tell. and the other thing is all these sikh girls should be educated about their religion. anyway, i am pleased that you are now amritdhari and living your life as a sikh. all im saying to all the sikhs are. naam japoo, read gurbani, and love your guruji.

waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ke fateh


Anonymous said...

i agree on what paji said about educating the sikhs

Anonymous said...

I think this experience in your life must give all the Sikh community, especially Sikh and even Hindu girls insight to what you went through. This is not some thing new for Sikh or Hindu girls, Muslims have been doing this kind of things for centuries, back in India and also here in UK for much longer than you think. The problem I see is with our own community rather with Muslims, where as we don't talk enough about how to enlighten our youngsters/girls about the manic if Islam/Muslims. I also blame Parents and Gurdwaras for not taking the leading role in educating Sikh girls about our own history ,here I don't mean religion, of course religion must also come later on. Each and every Gurdwara in UK and else were must have lessons given on Sundays, and we as parents MUST encourage our children to attend those history lessons.In my experience the Gurdwaras are least interested in these kind of things, as I see it nowadays they are more interested in making money, it does not matter if the Sikh girls marry Muslims, I have known of cases where the girls whose parents are regular goers to gurdwaras, their daughters have run away with Muslim boys, to me this is a shame on us all sikhs.To me KAUR means princess, when we loose princess, we can never be prince.In Quran it is written, how to lie(called TAKYYA) to non Muslims, that is what the Muslims do when they meet Sikh or Hindu girls, they are very good at it, because it is a part of their religion. Sikh and Hindu girls are more gullible, than others. Sat-Sri-Akal

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about, as far as I can say is you could not maintain proper relation with your parents you were not free with them this was your biggest mistake had you had good relations with your loved ones you would have discussed about this boy with your parents and things would have been in different manner and as far as classifying that only muslim boys do these kinda things I dont accept it much, only some section of this community are bad who spoil the rest of the community these people dont belong to a certain community they only belong to one that is Crime community. speaking of facts there as well many brothels in India also which are being run by many Hindus that doesn't mean that all Hindus do same, even there some section of Hindu commuity also has many criminals. And as far as protection is concerned girls should be aware of people they are meeting with and remember that Getting decieved is worse than decieving some one.

muktak said...

what else can you expect from a muslim.muslims either force hindu or sikh girls into prostitution or else marry them and emphesys on converting them into muslims...they have one goal there should be only one faith in world that is islam...yes its a fact.none of the muslim boy would love a hindu girl.......he would either look her for fulfilling his sexual desires or else marry her to convert her into muslim,then he would marry even other muslim girls(as more than one marriges are allowed in islam).so please hindus and sikhs dont allow your girls to rome around with muslims,they are'nt trustworthy.(A dog's tail can't be straightened).

Anonymous said...

This rift w/in a family is what happens when cultures collide.

I dated a Korean girl whose parents moved to America when she was 13 for financial reasons, but expected her to maintane a Korean lifestyle. This is impossible in today's media-drenched cultures of developed (western) nations like Britain and America.

Had there been acceptance and understanding to temper the discipline and high moral standards of the traditional Sikh culture, then this might well not have happened. Obeyance without questioning, without independant thoughtis impossible for a child being raised in a western school system. For a parent to expect blind devotion as they'd have in an Indian (or Asian) cultural millieu is impossible and puts unreasonable stress on the family.

In short: it's selfish and unreasonable to blame the kid for being influenced by the schooling and peer group s/he is forced to live in due to the family's decision to move to a western country.


Anonymous said...

Well I am very sad to know your story and i believe always Moslems are like that and they are face of global terrorism. Tracing from the pages of Ancient history till today's modern day history, all Moslems are theifs, burglers and insane in compeling other communities to convert to Islam. They never had proper education,They are not aware of terms like civic sense, humanity and mercy and over all maturity in understanding. Moslems are always like a herd of sheeps who follow the footsteps of first foolish sheep in the row. All they want is to grow in numbers, parctice polygamy in the name of Islam and spread terror all over. They dont respect other communities, races, religions and even other living beings. Its all violence and all i want to advice is, people especially girls are to be given enough knowledge to make them more active and matured in judging when they face challenging situations, it all depends on parents and how their bringing up their kids, all are intelligent and wise and they should share their knowledge and experiences with thier kids and avoid having a strict and unplesent environment at home, behave like a friend with your kids once they are of the age of 16.

msk said...

I am sorry to har of your plight, but this is a common problem in the UK. Because Bollywood has really glamourised love, aslo having a boyfriend or girlfriend as a normal situation. At the end of the day many young British Asians of all faiths and cultures fall into this trap, the saying goes respect and awareness begins at home.

The second issue is the media and how it portrays young British Asians, natuarally when there are no role modles in society tragedies occur. Cultural and Faith awareness must begin from childhood, parents must take the lead or we will see a generation of females in the same tragic circumstances as this young woman was. Peace to all mankind.

umar said...

this is so sad that u have been tricked by a Muslim but remember one thing u mean Hindus are Buddhist and believe on hand making stones by giving different names ..............
but u should know that God is one "Allah"
all of u r heller .............

u should take Tobha

happy said...

hi there can any body put me intouch with this lady i would like to help in her cause to raise awerness please get in touch

Iqra,Anum said...

first of all i would like 2 say that was awful.....n u cant even imagine me n ma frnd was reading it wid wide opened eyes..
we r Muslim n we r proud 2 b a Muslim but seriously believe me five fingers are not equal....
i had a question for u .once u changed ur religion 4rm sikhisim 2 Muslim and according 2 u, u find peace in dat then y u changed ur religion again?

well best of luck for ur married life....... my prayers are wid u .takecare

Iqra ,Anum

Anonymous said...

LoL, that girl that said not all of them are bad is going to end up in a brothel, lol!

Anonymous said...

all parents wish good to there children s, so listen what they say n follow them if u don have confidence yourself, time will come for every enjoyment so wait for the time, don push yourself into trouble

Anonymous said...

baby, i m sorry for watever has happened but lemm me tell u one thing" you are lucky to be alive, if you were my sis, u wud have been long gone" this sullah's are so smart and bcoz of girls like you we face the shame. may god be with you, teach your kid nice things and be hard with them if they ever try to bring shame to family and religion.
good luck

usman said...

I am really sorry for the situation you have gone through.i am from pakistan and i am from Lahore also. i have heard how girls are brought over there. but all i have to say is. dont blame all muslims for this. those are not muslims doing such act.its a specific group of people who is spoiling the image of all the muslims.if you knew a little about Islam then i must tell you that Drinking, Rape is strictly prohibited in Islam infact there is a strict punishment for this. so strict that if a married person rape a girl. he must be murdered for this act. so all i will say is all the people you met in those brothels were not muslims in belief. Those are non believers who dont have got any religion. those are just working for money.
Islam tell a muslim girl to b in hijab to avoid all this happening.I have got answer to all questions about Islam. i am placing comment with my email address you can reply me.
I Will not b telling anything wrong about the Islam. you have accepted islam and also accept that muslims respected you too much.I will wait for your comments

Anonymous said...

im really sorry to hear about what happened,and its made me think alot, my cousin who is only sixteen herself has also converted and moved away, it makes me think what could be happening with her right now and if we will ver see her again!
god bless and i hope this never happens to any1!
all us sikhs and hindus out there should always b there for each other!

Anonymous said...

Not all Muslims are Bastards....!
But all the Bastards involved in this are Muslims.....!
So shame on u MF Bastards...!

Anonymous said...

OK, well I expect most of these comments have been made by people under 30... you wonder why there is war... corruption, and the rest.
You have probably been brought up in a westernised society where you go out clubbing, drink, have girlfriends, lose your virginity before marriage.. in fact, you probably dont even marry the person you lose it too... the question is are these not people??
I am a Sikh women, who is extreemly proud of her culture... and before you ask, I am happily married to a Sikh man. But I would never, ever slate another religion the way you guys have, how can you possibly brand every person in a religion the same - thats just madness!!!
Who can tell me why sikhism was formed...?? Who can tell me what the five K's are and what they stand for? and finally who can tell me how many they break day in day out, by drinking and such like.
So before you preach to a girl who made these decisions at the age of 16, take a look at yourselves!!
Give advice and support, so things like this dont happen, instead of adopting this 'no you cant, and no discussions' or the 'I told you so routine' cos believe me it really doesnt make you Macho - you gotta give a bit to get a bit!
Im probably wasting my breath and Im probably gonna get branded a 'paki lover' - but the honest answer is.... you obviously have missed the point that I am trying to make and will read this as you wish, so im not going to even justify my comments...
Girls, remember one thing (if your reading this) the grass is not always greener and your parents DO love you, they just come from a different culture... so explain rather than go behind their backs, afterall they are looking after you the best way they know how xx

readingleo said...

It is a heartbreaking story and empathize with you. and condemn in the strongest terms the miscreants that brought this misery to your life.

Being a Muslim and a Pakistani woman I would just want to say that I have many very good sikh friends. I respect them and we have had wonderful relationships for years....all people of the same nationality are not alike and can and should not be tainted with the same brush. Regards and prayers

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear this story, this is been hppening for years, but girls just do not want to listen,then to late. you and ur friend are th very luck ones. i hope girls read this and take notice.

Anonymous said...

unfortunate and sad story, however we can only blame ourselves. if we don't teach our children our language, about our faith and our values they will continue to fall victim to these criminal gangs. I live near and work with many young muslim people and the striking thing is the respect and knolwedge they have of their own religion, language and customs. this is a quality that is all too often missing among the youth of the sikh community and they know it. They respect me because i am a "sarb surat" Singh but they look down on other indian people because they see that they have lost their religion. We need to stop the rot and reinstil the values so many sikhs (including or guru's) died to protect.

Anonymous said...

WORLD is fill wid sinsters GOD dam it some people have to take stand to execute all rapist and pimpssssssss


Anonymous said...

watch Robbert Deniro's movie TEXI DRIVER its a story of a new york city cab driver who was ex Marin he was working in night shift he say lot of bad things specially young girls being force to prostitute, he couldn't take it he start taking them down , so im saying this to all the motherfucker scum rapist and pimps that there are some men who wont take it anymore and they gonna start cutting Ur body parts like a vegetable till u DIE , its not about Muslim girls or Sikh girls its about all the innocent girls belong to all faith ,

GOD IS GREAT , Allah Ho Akber

Anonymous said...

i would like to correct the word its "SAW" not say , "new york city cab driver SAW lot bad things"



First of all i am sorry to hear about this sad incident of your life. But when i read the comments below i thought; what fucking idiots. You people, stop living your lives in complete arrogance. You have stereotyped us muslims as terrorists and barbarians. You ignorant fools don't you know that Islam is the religion of PEACE? infact the MEANING of the word Islam IS PEACE. I will now enlighten you with some of the teachings of Islam. Islam commands us to be tolerant of other religions, to treat them with utmost respect. Islam does not teach us to force our religion on anyone, we muslims cannot force anyone to convert to Islam. Quran is the holy book of Allah which gives us the copmlete code of life.
In a verse of the Quran it is said that 'Whoever kills a human being... then it is as though he has killed all mankind', so this implies that killing or murder in Islam is strictly condemned and is "Gunnah Kabeera". There is a quotation of the Holy Prophet(S) that "The one who cheats is not from amongst us". This means that anyone who calls himself a muslim and does unfair deeds is not a muslim so please people do not confuse these people with muslims as THEY ARE NOT. In Islam speaking the truth is very important and crucial infact it is a must for all muslims to speak the truth as lying is considered "Haram" meaning unlawful in Islam. I will quote another Hadith (the saying of the Holy Prophet(S) ), "Treat kindly the dwellers of the earth, He who dwells in the heaven will treat you kindly." I hope you all would have used your common sense to understand this. As far as marriage is concerned Muslim Men Can keep up to 4 wives at a time IF ONLY HE IS ABLE TO TREAT THEM ALL "EQUALLY" IF NOT THEN IT IS NECESSARY FOR HIM TO KEEP ONLY ONE WIFE, AS SAID BY THE PROPHET (S). MUSLIM MEN CAN ALSO MARRY WOMEN OF THE BOOK THAT ARE CHRISTIANS, JEWS ETC. WITHOUT THEM RENOUNCING THEIR RELIGION.
In Islam extremism is not allowed. I can write pages and pages about the goodness of Islam but I have very little time so i advice you to read the Quran and i challenge you to find a flaw in it. Islam is the perfect religion for all Humanity. May Allah guide you all to the straight path and may you all come into the light from darkness AMEEN.

Tay said...

As expressed by many here, am hurt by reading your story and that you had to go through this hardship and such a young and vulnerable age.

However, there are no BUTS from me. It is not about Muslims and what Islam says, It is not about who you should and should not have listened to - It is about understanding what happened, and preventing it from happening again.

Girls have not listened to their parents and religion in the past, and it is likely to happen again. The solution is not to disown them and make them suffer for the rest of their lives.

I admire that you have dedicated yourself to pro-actively helping those who fall victim to such vultures, be they Muslim, Hindu, White, Green or whatever.

At the risk of my post being perceived negatively, I will admit that I am Muslim guy, however I have no qualms about saying I find it shameful that someone has exploited you in such an inhumane, grotesque manner, in such a calculated way, over such a long period of time - and without a doubt all because you hold a faith he does not.

It does not suprise me that some of the Sikh community are hostile towards Muslims, as expressed in these comments, after hearing about situations like this.

But it is only through acceptance, togetherness and understanding that we can reach out to those who have fallen victim to such cowards and combat these situations from occuring again. This is what his nobleness Guru Nanak preached at a time when coherence between the Sikh, Hindu and Muslim community was at its peak.

Please contact me if you need and kind of help with your initiative, It would be a privalege to be involved, and somehow playing a small part in ensuring this does not happen again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FUCK ISLAM!!!FUCK ALLAH !!! FUCK PAKISTAN!!! Saala Madarchod paki harami!!! ISLAM IS SHIT!!!

Anonymous said...

ar wot hapnd to u tht is jus low of thm people and i hope thm sons of slags die like dogs..thts very disturbing and wouldnt hope tht on my worst enimy...and u CRAZY GUY WHO HAS SWORE AT OUR ALLAH AND ISLAM...U SON OF A SLUT I WISH U WA IN FRONT OF ME UD OF KNWN WOT ID OF DUN TO U..UR MUMS A WHORE AND SO IS YA SISTA

PABLO said...


Taran said...

Well i feel bad about what happened but i don't feel bad about you because there's an old saying “you get but you give". You gave (disrespected) disrespect to your family and religion and you got it in return from your handsome most loved BF. It’s not making me feel sorry but making me to think how stupid or blind u were for that guy. He lied from the beginning and you decided to go on with him you don't even know what the word love means. LOVE great word in any relationship but only if used in right way or for right means. When he lied to you shuda understand that he’s just a player in the market. And for you being mad or whatever at your parents and Gurdwara Sahib for disowning you. You should ask yourself a question why will they accept me or why Should they? before you head toward your house or Gurduwara because you house or Gurduwara isn't place for disrespecting ppl like. You disrespected your RELIGION AND YOUR FAMILY and you expected after your fun time was over to help you out i would give you family credit for doing this. Most of our Punjabi and Hindu families have habit of forgiving their children no matter what they have done in their past life after they regret it or feel sorry. Because these families think that no matter what after all they are their children. But your family did a good job. Because when you leave them after slapping them in their faces with this kind of disgrace. You may feel that what your family did to you wasn't right because you made a mistake and then you realize and they should forgive you and accept you. Remember that you died for your family when you changed yourself by changing your name and religion your name and RELIGION is true Identity of who you are..But the TRUTH is that it wasn't your mistake it was excitement of having boy friend and SEX. that’s why you ignored every single fact about that guy if you had a thought of getting married or you were looking on him as your true future lover or husband you woulda chosen the right person and you wouldn’t ignored the FACTS because they CAN NOT BE CHANGED. In your look-out-for-fun nights time you got yourself trapped too bad you didn't get to have good time with your dear Abbas. and also 6 months or 2 years isn't enough time take big decisions like the one you took to move out of country and get married leave your family who raised you for 16 years with love, tried to give you good life by sending you University for higher edu but said you never recognized that not every family isn't the family like yours to support you with college edu. You left your 16 years old family and your religion after listening to you BF speech of i guess no longer than 1 hour. Remember one thing in life god give us human life the best life on earth from hundreds of thousands of life on earth and with that life he gives us the gift of family and when you kick that gift you never get that again in you life. for all of you guys/girls who think leaving their family for their BF/GF think not just twice but over and over again because your family been there for you for years and years and will be there for rest of your life. And most important if you love someone and they love to the same extent than this religion convergence or leaving your family problem should never arise because in love there have to be compromise and adjustment. Even though I’m 20 and I’m Sikh living in USA i was pretty much raised here, i still believe that no matter where you live if you want to live the life of who you are there's no one to stop you but a lot to encourage you. And for those folks saying it’s all our parents fault for not teaching our kids our language, religion and cultural values i think it’s not completely right even though parents have major role in educating their children about their culture, religion etc but the thing is that if parents ‘been teaching..educating their kinds for all their childhood and when kids grow up and decide to not listen to their parent what can Parents DO THAN?

Taran said...

Second Part pf My Last Post

and another thing even though there are mostly all Muslims who do these sort of thing but we should not forget that there all sort of ppl who do all sort of crimes there not a lot in numbers that’s why we don't point at them we say Muslims this Muslims that, even though i do not know a lot about Islam but all i can say is that i do not think there's any religion in this world that would teach you these sort of things. Even if there are 80% Muslims are committing crimes that do not make Islam as a religion of criminals. Because a religion cannot stop the person from doing these sorts of things but it can only teach us to walk on right path. But if we do not follow our religion than we are not true Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Or Hindus. For examples we go to school or college teacher teaches if we do not follow or listen to him/her that does not make the teacher a bad teacher. He/she is still teacher but we are not student anymore. So to adopt any religion you have to follow it if you don't that you do not belong to that religion. So please be true to your religion Hindu should become true Hindu, Sikh should become true Sikh and Christian should become true Christian after all we are all human being!!!!

Hindu said...

The Quran is the reason why nonmuslims girls must be converted, as some of you realize. For those who are ignorant of what the Quran says, here is the verse:

And do not marry the idolatresses until they believe, and certainly a believing maid is better than an idolatress woman, even though she should please you; and do not give (believing women) in marriage to idolaters until they believe, and certainly a believing servant is better than an idolater, even though he should please you; these invite to the fire, and Allah invites to the garden and to forgiveness by His will, and makes clear His communications to men, that they may be mindful. Quran 2:221

-the language is clear.

-this, of course, extends to the unforced type of conversion, where the Hindu/Sikh girl falls in love. The justifications for kidnapping/rape are elsewhere, primarily in the Hadiths.

Anonymous said...


I read all your story, i am not saying that that are not such bastards in UK or Pakistan or any where else in the world, i am a paki Muslim my self, but i am not ashamed of calling that yaseen or who ever that was a freek'n bastard who is neither a paki nor a British and not even a Muslim, cse in Islam there is no such thing like living alone with a girl or a boy without a marriage, how ever its not your fault at all girl but i must say to all girls and boys all over please please please never betray your parents even if you are sure they are bad still not for you at least. trust me.

cutting the chase. i really feel sorry for you and all the girls who have gone through such circumstances, but the fact is such A' wholes excuse my french who call them selves Muslim must be cut down to death.

next time when ever you wish to come to Pakistan please confirm with your home office and the embassy of that country so that they can have a check.

Love you all . God may bless your marriage for ever and i wish it would happen to that bastards sister so he cannot even help her as well.

Anonymous said...


I read all your story, i am not saying that that are not such bastards in UK or Pakistan or any where else in the world, i am a paki Muslim my self, but i am not ashamed of calling that yaseen or who ever that was a freek'n bastard who is neither a paki nor a British and not even a Muslim, cse in Islam there is no such thing like living alone with a girl or a boy without a marriage, how ever its not your fault at all girl but i must say to all girls and boys all over please please please never betray your parents even if you are sure they are bad still not for you at least. trust me.

cutting the chase. i really feel sorry for you and all the girls who have gone through such circumstances, but the fact is such A' wholes excuse my french who call them selves Muslim must be cut down to death.

next time when ever you wish to come to Pakistan please confirm with your home office and the embassy of that country so that they can have a check.

Love you all . God may bless your marriage for ever and i wish it would happen to that bastards sister so he cannot even help her as well.

Anonymous said...

im muslim and im proud 2 b a muslim.
i read ur story and at the end i think that all is your fault because you didnt think about your family your parents.
love some is good but ignore parents for lover its hurt your parents thats why life hurts you.
sorry 2 say but its truth of life.
you hurt your parents how can u expect that you will be happy it was your return.
but knw life giving u a chance with baby and your husband be happy
take care

Anonymous said...

i am a 19 year old guy and i live in US ..when i read this i started crying because i cannot believe there are people like this in this very own world..i am so sorry to hear this whoever you are i wish to god that this may never happen to anybody..

Scaliper said...

i want you to that it wasnt your fault. society is a bitch to judge you so harshly. Im sorry for what happened to you and i hope you have a wonderful life. No one should be treated as you were. I do hope they suffer for the way they treated you.

shona said...

I am somehow agree with anonymous But the thing is when u took this step.. I no it was wrong.. ur parents warned u so many times but still dint listen to them.. But I completely understand that u were just 16 yrs old girl.. and in that age.. everyone fells in love.. coz ur nt mature enuff if u like someone and u wanna be with him.. always thinking is that watever my parents are saying is not rite coz they dont want me to be with him.. So thats Y so many teen age grls use to take that step coz they are nt mature enuff... BUt When She z back to uk.. with the help of police.. and nobody z helping her and then if ur family wont help at that time thn its so bad... coz watever happend... but parents alwaz want their kid to be saved. and they want to protect from the whole world... I wanna ask u mr.anonymous.. If something will happen to ur close one (rabb na kare) Wont u help her... when she did tha step of going with that guy she wasnt mature enuff... she waz just 16... and then if ur child needs u then wont u help her.. will u say now get lost. will u say u dint think of us.. now go we arnt gonna take care of u.. ur nobody now... I mean this is not a way... I agree that she has taken a wrong step.. But thats not completely her fault.. coz she took that step coz she waz in love... she dint knew abt the thing behind.. And she wasnt mature enuff... THanks To Guru ji That he blessed both grls... and now they are safe but am really shocked.. why parents are nt supporting ther child.. If they dint want to take care of their child then Y they gave her a birth... Shame to those people.. May God Bless you and all the Grls who suffered and suffering this.. Guru ji meher karan te sab di raksha karan.. I wish u from the core of my heart that MaY god help u in ur mission of saving grls.. God Bless to all of u.. Take Care...

Loving Blessings to all... :)
Guru Fateh ji..

Anonymous said...

im sorry abnout whats happened to you but reading all these comments are strange.... muslims being blamed for evryhting??? i'm a muslim girl im 17 and believe me no where in the Qur'an does it allow you to drink, sell girls and's disgusting. not to be rude or anything but hindu/sik/bengali/sri lankan/african/arabian/chinese etc so many girls are in prostitution it's not a good thing but tehy have been forced to do it they are earning a living this way. lahore, karachi, islamabad are known for the red districts there are people being abused evry secod out there starting off from males and females below the age of 18 right to over 25 year olds. dont judge every muslim in the same perspective. evry religion teaches good, islam teaches submission and its a peraceful religion i dont disrespect any other religion...we all believe in God. Not all muslims are bad there are a certain percentage that tarnish our image and ruin the name.

Anonymous said...

The moral of your story should NOT be to potray muslims in a negative way but to make people aware of sex trafficking. Its a shame how some people here think Sikh girls are being targeted by muslims but really and truly thats just load of rubbish. Sikh girls are no more precious then any other when it comes to this world wide issue of sex trafficking and should be tackled in the same way. Ask yourself, is the sex trafficker really out there looking for a sikh, muslim, hindu girl? no!!he is looking for the most vunerable one. Dont be weak and blame religion. have faith in your belief but be aware of worlds evils as well. Dont be naive. I'm a muslim whilst my partner is non-muslim but god's my witness i'll give my life for her and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

All you racists sort it outt..
y u bere goin on about islamm and muslims when your own people convertedd..
soo look at your own religion first before you start judgeing other people's religion..
dont go on about what our relgion teaches and about what it says in the quran if you havent even read your own holy book..
we know wat out religion teachess so dont chat shit about what's written in the quran..
Have you evenn read it ?
soo dont go on about whats written in it..
Berr waste of spacee likeee..

In loving memory of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Revolutionist Kartar Singh Sarabha, was just nineteen years old when he became a Shaheed in the name of freedom and justice. He appeared like a storm, ignited the flame of revolution and tried to wake up a sleeping Panjab. Such courage, self-confidence, and dedication is rarely found. Of the Panjabis who can be called revolutionaries in true sense of the word, Kartar Singh's name comes at the top.
Revolution lived in his veins. There was only one aim of his life, only one desire, and only one hope - all that held meaning in his life was revolution.