Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Wake-up Video

British Panjabi Sikh Youth
Wake-up Call!

About time we woke up?

Material and Inspiration from Jakara Movement.



Anonymous said...

this is good one man i love it...

Aberdeen Patriot said...

I Agree but it is more than the Indian community that needs to wake up, its the British as well. Our society has lost all its decent morals, and Islam is spreading it's wings even further, and with more venom.

Please wake up all decent people of Britain and vote for the BNP, and that includes the Indian community.

SarabhaPanjab said...

Dear BNP, Thank you for your comments. I would like to emphasise that the views and concerns of the British Panjabi-Sikh youth are not in any way politically or racially driven. They are genuine concerns of radicalisation of British youth, and the implications that has on vulnerable and impressionable Sikh students in Schools, colleges and Universities.

A large contribution to these problems is a result of the Sikh communities leaders failure to recognise these issues and being caught-up in a web of cultural taboos and “Political correctness”.

Again your views and support are welcome, as from any party, but we have no intention of allying ourselves with any Political set-up.

Sarabha Panjab Team

Anonymous said...

This is first time I came to your website little while ago. what I saw is interesting. I like aberdeen patriot says"Please wake up all decent people of Britain and vote for the BNP and that includes the Indian community". And I say that all Hindus and Sikhs must give our full support to BNP. As ours is not the nature to ask for any cultural changes of this country, like the Muslims demand from this country. We the non Muslims MUST wake up and unite to fight the evils of Islam. please would you log on www.faithfreedom.org www.thereligionofpeace.com www.islam-watch.org
By the way I do send donations to BNP.I am a Sikh, to-day's Sikh youth has lost his way, due to so many things, one being Bhangra, meaningless songs and music. I do not think our so called Sikh leaders are any more knowledgeable than ordinary Sikh. Sat Sri Akal.

In loving memory of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Revolutionist Kartar Singh Sarabha, was just nineteen years old when he became a Shaheed in the name of freedom and justice. He appeared like a storm, ignited the flame of revolution and tried to wake up a sleeping Panjab. Such courage, self-confidence, and dedication is rarely found. Of the Panjabis who can be called revolutionaries in true sense of the word, Kartar Singh's name comes at the top.
Revolution lived in his veins. There was only one aim of his life, only one desire, and only one hope - all that held meaning in his life was revolution.